The word itself produces grief and guilt in the heart. One such incident happened in one of the colleges where I teach the Yes+ course and was online with many students after the obnoxious act. As always, one of the best friends of the students said ‘I didn’t know he would do this’. The students blamed the college for the malicious treatment meted out to the person no longer in question. The administration came out in big force to quell the entire episode. The students were lathi charged, the media news were fabricated, and finally the 1500 students were expelled from the college till further notice. The CAT exams in the campus had to be re-located and the students passed through a lot of emotional turmoil with the entire episode.

One action can become so scary, disastrous and lead to so traumatic for the community. I remember when I had passed through such feelings and had mentioned to Guruji about it, he had made me laugh over my emotions. As He says ‘Can you laugh at your negative emotions?’. The emotions had got completed eradicated.

A week later, I met students of the same college here in indore and they complained of not having a leader to initiate action. Lack direction, lack skills and ideas to raise their voices. Lack vision and responsibility. I feel grateful for having found all of it in my Guru Sri Sri RaviShankar, who once said ‘Only fools commit suicide’.

Actions of loss of life lead one to nowhere. And infact produce a malice in society. You never know who is losing hope while failing through cynical feelings and intense emotions of disconnecting oneself. It is imperative to talk to friends, family, acquaintances and people we meet about the Art of Living. You don’t know whose next. Stay connected, have faith and inspire people to Live. Live for others. 

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  1. Rajesh bhaiya you are just too divine and you are one of Guruji’s angels who surely is gonna make Heaven a place right here on earth.

    You are a blessed soul and are Jivan Mukta, blessed and enlightened that you are with Guruji’s and God’s grace.

    The blog is indeed wonderful and in time I know this site will be a guiding source from the guiding star like you.

    In the Bible the guiding star lead people to Lord Jesus Christ and in this space of time in the Kaliyuga you are one of the guiding stars who is leading us to the Master – Guruji himself through your Knowledge and Wisdom in person and now through a site like this one.

    Lots more to say but then we your Shishyas/Students will have a lot to say till Eternity. Words are not enough to encapsulate the magnitude of the universal hearts. So I prefer celebrating silence now for a while and being nostalgic with the moments that we shared through the divine intervention, grace and blessing.

    I love you and Guruji, you two are a blessing of GOD to all souls pervading on this mother earth.

    Take Care,
    Jai Gurudev,
    God Bless You and Guruji…

  2. dearest rajesh,
    certainly we are blessed by our dearest guruji, as i shared the feelings of most of the yes! gang on that day. i understand what they were all going through????? . but all of them had strong faith in guruji and were taken care of by the divine!
    thanks to you for talking to them and showing your care and concern; badly needed at times.
    i wish and pray more and more people get connected to guruji and AOL.so that nothing like this ever happen anywhere and with anyone.
    jai guru dev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. suicide seems to b a case wen u give up on evrythin bhaiya…
    u knw wat ryt nw m feelin dat dere’s a bettr life after death cus nuthin can be as bad as it is ryt nw…
    m so engrossd in sumthings dat i cant pull myself out.
    n wen m in, it’s nuthin less dan hell fer me.
    nyways nyc page

  4. jai gurudev bhaiya,
    u wud never knw how u ve helped lot more ppl not to be a fool n commit suicide.yes+ with you was the most appropriate aid i cud get dat time…..this course helped me frm ruining my life more n to ne more comfortable with myself..
    i feel blessed to have got such beautiful ppl here.
    thanx a ton


  5. jai guru dev bhaiya……suicide certainly seems to be a frantic step taken by anyone n ppl should refrain frm takin such drastic steps cum wat may….life is precious n AOL certainly teaches its value.

  6. Dearest Bhaiyya,

    Hum aapko itne kareeb se jaankar par bhi jaante nahin.
    Itni gehraayee ko samajhnaa Guru hi kar sakte hain.
    Aho!what a wonderful experience to feel connected in the pure Divine Love of Gurudev!

  7. yes bhaiya very well said, i can understand. we should stay connected. And seriously i find all of us the luckiest human beings on this planet to have Guru in our life……..

  8. hi bhaiya!
    fantastic piece of story(if i can call it that) and i don’t think u coud have put a better picture to accompany it. But most imp i want to tell you that personally i have never been too enthusiastic or rather determined at getting registrations for courses because i looked at the whole thing of getting registrations as jst a way of increasing the ‘number’ of ppl in a course and i thought there were others who were there who could make the logistics look better and i would do something more concrete to help and contribute to the society. But today this post by you has surely brought a change in my thinking regarding this and i believe this surely is the best way to transform lives. i really don’t know what to say..thank you!

  9. jgd ji ,
    now toh im dam sure there will be no more such incident there as u have walked down in their life’s with our lovely adorable guru ji ,
    which u often do just walk in people life n just convert their
    inertia to kinetic energy
    sadness to happiness
    lust to love
    hopeless to hope ful
    regret to learning
    taking to giving
    n finally but not the least
    somebody of no use to someone who become useful not to just themselves but to the other people in spreading happiness n love ….
    wait n the best part is that they dont even come to know whn their dullness is converted to brightness…..[:)]
    bas ab jyaada tareef ek din mai nai karni chayeey in digestion ho jayeega nahi toh ….[:)]
    love jgd

  10. jai gurudev bhaiyya…
    yea commiting suicide is a cowardly act…
    if only he had talked 2 u or experienced AOL dis wouldn’t have happened…
    life is too precious 2 throw away….
    he would hav learnt this in AOL….

    with love:

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