Nutty Nutty Potatoes

I know what you thinking, with potatoes one could go naughty I mean nutty. Yes, totally and these ones don’t add any more inches anywhere.
4 potatoes cut in cubes, boiled with salt so that 3/4th done.( One whistle in the pressure is enough and let it  meditate for a while. I use very little water while boiling so I don’t throw away vitamins. I may use the water for some daal or put it in rice) (Your choice to remove the skin or not. For this one I peeled away the skin)
For the masala
1 tbsp roasted jeera powder
1 tbsp cumin powder
1 tbsp Garam masala (I used Everest Tandoori Chicken Masala –  don’t panic it is a vegetarian one, also one of my favorites)
1 pinch turmeric
Salt to taste (account for the salt in the potatoes)
100 gms of peanuts, roasted on slow fire, de-skinned and grounded to a fine paste without water.
1 tbsp of jaggery

Mix all the ingredients of the masalas in a bowl with your hands, taste for salt and keep aside.  In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon of oil, when hot, add the boiled potatoes and spread the oil evenly over them. Let the potatoes cook on slow fire for 7-8 minutes. When light brown, sacrifice the  masala into the pan and keep mixing the recipe on high flame. Allow the masala to conquer the potaotes and the win is echoed with the jaggery becoming one with them Let the aroma fill up the senses and in two minutes it is ready to overfill your stomach.

6 thoughts on “Nutty Nutty Potatoes

  1. In your dishes, potatoes too meditate. So, now I know why food cooked by you tastes so yummy!. I always kept asking you the secret of the vital ingredients but you never disclosed. I, too, will dish out some excellent stuff now, using this therapy. But, wonder, when I myself cannot contain to meditation, how will I allow the food stuff to meditate.


  2. Dear Mama,

    Your cookies tasted excellent. It actually outdid the Shrewsberry that nani brought from Pune. So, they better beware cause they have a tough competition. You are a better cook than a teacher.



  3. Bhaiya recipe toh mast hai but…………

    Bhaiya you know na i am hardly interested in recipies. i just know how to enjoy food cooked by Mr. Rajesh Jagasia. So, when are coming to delhi to treat us…. hehehehe…..

  4. jgd ji ,
    receipe sounds interesting n i can smell its virtual smell .so whn we get a chance to eat it …..[:)]

  5. I will surely try this recipe apart from the one which I ate on Guru puja day at ur home! (Colorful… salad! ) … 🙂

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