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This episode takes me back many years when the ashram was dwarfish to what is now, the dormitory’s were aplenty, the bathrooms were rare, the satsangs were at Sumeru Mandap, people were insufficient vis-à-vis  seva opportunities.
We were all sitting with Guruji in Narayana Hall in the old Ashram premises, and the hall was packed to capacity. Everyone was tranquilized with His presence post Navratri and no space for any more to occupy the hall.  That moment a lady peeps in from the window and is baffled to see the hall choc-a-bloc. She calls out to Guruji saying ‘Kuch logo ko bahar bejo toh mai andar aa saku” (Pls send some people out so I can come in) . Rapt comes the reply from Gurudev “Mein bhi toh who hi keh raha hoon(pointing His finger to the head), Kuch logo ko bahar bhejo, mujhe andar aane do” (I am also saying the same thing, send some people out (pointing to His head) and allow me to come In. 🙂

For the past so many days, Mumbai has been glued to the television. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said that “television was chewing gum for the eyes”. The more one chews the more it stays on.
Let us instead chew on His words, service, sadhana. It releases all the latent impressions. It frees you.

PS:- Have started the Yogasara Upanishad sessions at Mumbai home, it continues tomorrow at 9.30 pm. Morning sadhana sessions at 7.00 am.

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  1. the bookmarks tabs are looking very cute.
    and yes watching the news in tv for long hours is just a waste of time… and sometimes i think it even creates negative particles.
    better to go and sing a song.

  2. WOW!! That really blew me off. just realised I hv to send some people out from my head.

  3. Dear Rajesh
    heard from the “grapewine” about your blog and i must say i am mighty impressed! the design is VERY attractive and the content addictive!
    I have read all your posts already 🙂
    bookmarking n will be visiting every day…
    anurag kedia

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