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A lot of responses for the man in coffee bean post and it is interesting to see how one communicates the answer 🙂 To put a pic into words is laborious, so how will you put the AOL course in words. I read out the answers to a child to help me find the winner, but she could not find the man after reading all the posts 🙁 I am posting the pics of some who answered(the rest of the guys need to enter my photo library in my laptop. So whenever I am with a camera, do pose).

It will boost your skills, when you read through the answers to mark the man in pics through words. The contest still open, for the everyone to laser communicate this man in the pic 🙂

The King/Queen of communication will be declared tomorrow. Do let friends in your mailbox know about the contest 🙂

PS:- Will write about Guruji’s visit soon.

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  1. i think surbhit tells it the best.
    good effort man

  2. Surbhit describes the location better than anyone
    then manggla

  3. My vote goes for surbhit

  4. I am going in rounds as to where to post the comment or to find the man & there he is poor fellow almost at onethird from the left bottom corner of the rectangle peeping from behind two bellyup coffee beans,but seems to be meditating on their aroma too.

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