Gingery Mushrooms!!

Wanted to make a quick dinner as Guruji was going to be on air on Cnn-Ibn. I had few options and the one we finalized was gingery mushrooms.
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp jeera
1 pack of mushrooms/200 gms/ 10 medium sized mushrooms
2 tbsp tomato puree
30 gms ginger grated
2 tbsp ml of cream
100 gms green peas
1 tbsp Tandoori chicken masala

I usually keep the mushrooms immersed in milk for 1 hour drain the milk and then use them. Wash and cut each in fours.
In a pan pour the oil, fry the jeera, & the ginger till beautifully brown. Sprinkle in the masala and let the entire mixture turn blood red in 3-4 minutes on slow fire. Slosh in the tomato puree and let the gravy settle for another few minutes. By now the entire neighborhood wants to be invited by you for dinner.
Throw in the mushrooms and the green peas and garden it up with some salt. Let the mushrooms drain out the water, cook for 5 minutes and jet in the cream and keep stirring for uniformity . Allow your stomach to be gingerly mushroomed.


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