Santa’s Gift to me :)

The blog has been santa’s gift to me for the year. I had been visualizing it for many months till Shubham Goel turned santa in my life. He had coaxed, pleaded, lured, threatened, emotionally blackmailed, used knowledge and I gave in to his demands of writing the blog.  He himself has an ‘I’ for detail and splendidness.  An avid skater, an apple over-enthusiast who lives his life with his well defined rules.

Some new features that he has added on the blog are
1)    Image Viewer: Click on an image to preview the full size image.
2)    email 2 a friend- if some one finds some thing interesting they can directly share it with a friend.
If you have any more suggestions for the articles (I write them, and post them – the hard work, Shubham does the ‘soft’ware)  do pour in your comments. The blog has reached the 4 digit mark in a month, which is quite remarkable for us as we have not advertised about it at all.

Am posting an old picture of him & me together in the year 2006 as the photo has a story to tell. Maybe you can press him to write the story for you on his blog http://techutney.blogspot.com/
So if you think Santa has been filling your socks too since the conception of this blog, his email is shubham.goel@gmail.com.

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  1. Then we are all thankful to Subham for this blog..

  2. Full marks to Shubham for his work in designing this blog. Everything seems just right, be it the upper border design or the font used. One of the best blog layout blending so well with the theme.
    Thanks Shubham for the effort which enriched the whole experience of reading posts by Rajesh Bhaiya.

  3. congrats man.the designing is just amazing…the colors u have used..more importantly the way they r used…d floral spriral paisley design is again too good….

    nice job!!!

  4. Well….i doubt the fact that the designing was done by this person. because this site has the same design – http://yespluschennai.blogspot.com. the design has been taken from somewhere and applied.

  5. a special thanks Shubham from my side…

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