Reminiscing with Radhe…

Every atomic presence depicted a youth course, transforming participants from outwardly to inwards, from snuggling in someone’s arms to settling within, from loud to lively, from rambunctious to relaxed. Being initiated in it by Dinesh Ghodke, leading us subtly into the realms of reality.

The advance course is Guruji’s bonus to humanity. As He says place yourself on the table, just enjoy the massage, & let the masseur take over. Delightful meditations with a super chef. True nourishment for the spirit.

The silence at the start seemed easy and at the end of it even I was waiting to bid farewell to it along with the old year. Smiled for everything including room mates snoring loud enough to scare people in aircrafts above and the chilling water almost the temperature of ice. I did it.  Reveled in it. Relished it.

The satsangs with Vikram will be reminisced with radhe… and the belting out of old time Ashram melodies were a true new year gift.

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i am missing all this!!!!!
    jai gurudev

  2. What a description…….Though truth can’t be put into words, but still words can work wonders if framed into proper sentences…and you have done the same…..HATS OFF TO YOU BHAIYA…..U r an amazing writer….really a blessed one…..I am feeling jealous of your skills…He hE he..

  3. really missed this advance course … a desperate masasge is required ,hope to have one soon in indore wid rishi nitya pragya ji…. u really made me feel not jealous but made me realize that i missed a lot especially the trip to sringeri muth n that amazing kriya experince on the lake…..but will surely rewind it sooon….jgd

  4. Yes, Sagar is right. You are an appalingly good writer. Dont’ u ever run short of words? Your vocabulary too is just amazing…… I am too far behind in the race. Dont’ think I can ever catch up with you even if I start reading those Mulla Naseerudin books etal. I have already indented for an Oxford Dictionary to digest your postings.

    Missing you, although when u r here we hardly meet up (keeping in mind your busy schedules).

    Lotsa luv


  5. It din’t register that I haven’t met guruji on this trip.
    And you know why!
    Love you!!

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