Something very very fishy…

On our way to the Shringeri Mutt we had stopped by at a Kamat restaurant and I wisely decided to opt for South Indian food. Idlis, wadas and dosas by the plentiful were dished up on the table with lots of fresh coconut chutney. The idlis simply melted in the mouth. Hot and soft topped with excellent chutney made a gourmet meal. I decided to indulge into the freshly brewed coffee and it made me obliterate the difficulties of sitting six hours in the Sumo and enjoy the magical moments. The silence after the food said it all. Everyone enjoyed it.

The Shringeri Mutt is situated at the banks of the Tunga river. A walk to the river in the winter morning was foggy and cold. The flowing river in midst of the forest is breathtakingly beautiful and deeply dense.  As I sat by the banks, I noticed something which brought me to the present for moments to come. The fishes in the river and extremely friendly yet cautious. People by the dozens were offering baked rice and rusk and one could  serve them with your own hands. There was a lot of gymnastics in which one would snatch what, and the moments euphoric and thrilling. We all touched the fishes and Vineet, Srikant and Archana turned waiters for the fishes serving baked rice and rusk in the most intimate ways. The fishes liked the service and obliged with acrobatic moves.

Never before had I seen a river filled with huge fishes and living in love and harmony with mankind. When I asked the local people around how this phenomenon happened here, there were no answers only wonder. There is something very very fishy here 🙂 There was a super surprise waiting for us, how we landed up there in the next post.

PS: Guruji is in the Ashram and am waiting to see Him:)

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  1. jgd,bhaiya
    Happy new year
    i read ur blog almost regularly,u write very well tht anybody could stick to ur blog
    ya one more thing in ur schedule indore course is from 23 to 29 feb
    but this time its only 28 in feb ,so it will be 1 march

  2. yup! the Ist time feeling of touching a living fish with your hand was amazing.then when I ws feeding them then the touch of their lips on my fingers was really very tickling.
    I am anxiously waiting for the remaining posts bhaiya:))

  3. woo bhaiya…i can imagine it all…
    how beautiful things are…:-)

    luv u!

  4. 🙂

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