Explosion of Taste!!

Pani Puri in Western India, Gol Gappe in North, Batashe in Calcutta and Gup Chup in Bihar, I wonder at these small cups filled with tasty amrut (nectar) in them and their innovation. I think as far as food innovation goes this surely deserves a Nobel for their sheer creativity.
Sometimes filled with hot chick pea or with potatoes and filled with sweet date chutney and immersed in fresh mint water – one plate can never be enough.

Their taste is like a thriller novel unfolding. The first pages unravel a crunchy ball bursting into the tightly grasped mouth, the water gushing into all corners of the mouth, the potato unwrapping itself in the end and finally when you gulp all down the real mystery of its taste unfolds.

I have had the best of pani puri’s just next to my house in Mumbai. I had ‘tried’ a lot of it in Delhi but BTW doesn’t serve it and Vaishnav near DU doesn’t prepare it the way I like. Bhopal, Indore, South India, UttarPradesh have a lot to learn from Mumbai for this delicacy. But the best till date has been at a small stall by the road side in Ghatkopar in Mumbai and I used to eat it daily & have taken many many friends to spice up their life at this stall. For some years he also gave me a discount 🙂 Good marketing ! !
So if life is feeling heavy, explode with a pani puri.
GO PANIPURING… hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

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  1. dearest rajesh,

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm.! mouth watering !! only u can describe panipuri so well.))))))))))in such a way, for that matter any edible items! very nice pic.taken.

    only a good cook and host can describe like this!!!!!!!!!. waiting for your dishes to come.

    jai guru dev!!

  2. yo.. stop putting ip pictures of tasty street food.. !!!! i feel like comin bak home..

  3. ur a true pani puri lover . . Jai hoe

  4. sshtstshhshhh!!!!!!!! my mouth is watering.
    I m going to eat panipuri now.

  5. puuulleeezzzzzs STOP making people jealous n make their mouth watering like mine s getting;):P
    btw, guys something should be revealed here…the one claims to serve best pani puri next to his house is prepared by a man none other than a BANARASI….so dont be surprised if u get to taste same(or better ;)) Pani Puri in Banaras too :P:P

  6. Yeah!! bhaiya im gonna have Pani Puri today only…cannt resist my temptation any more…
    can u plzz suggest some good place for it in Banglore

  7. will have to go for panipuri today…
    damn you divine monster….

  8. oye…………….mumbai walon…….sahi pakada srikant ne…….gusne nahi dungi UP mein……Hamara code word hain fefaron :P……

    main ja rahi huin pani puri khane…..

  9. bhaiya what a nic pic of pp. abhi khanne ka maain kar raha hai. bhaiya you should write @mumbais wada pav too.

    i talked with facuilty 2day,they supported ,.but nothing like sponcering to students or even making in corriculum. they had doubt due to our marketing policy.
    jgd see u soon

  10. :)..wow..what a moth watering description of one of the yummiest foods

  11. Seriously ppl …. fab description 🙂

  12. Must say that is without doubt the best pic of a gol gappa I have ever seen.
    And pani puri everyday? baap re bhaiya!

    Lol but look who is talking, there is a time when I used to have dal ke laddo every day !!
    You should try those moong dal ke laddo with hari chutney and grated radish..yummmmm

  13. Jai Gurudev
    You are right, panipuri rocks.It is the best stress buster in this world. Whenever you are stressed out eat that magical dish and all your stress vanishes. I may also add that the panipuri served at Jhamma in Chembur Camp is out of this world.Try it if you have not eaten it so far.

  14. Yummy !!! I MISSSS Panipuri from the roadside at Nerul Station, Mumbai !!! My mouth is watering, in Spite of hvaing hogged on the same last week …


  15. dear rajesh bhaiya,
    this is kaushik from germany. I came across your blog a few weeks ago & this is my 1st comment.

    I just love Pani Puri, i can have it at all times & i have done that quite a lot when i was in Bangalore and have tried countless pani puriwalas there but your description and the picture is beautiful and mouth watering. Hope i get to taste this delicacy soon.


  16. jaigurudev!

    Rajesh Bhaiya is full of life..!!!!!!

    Wow! … so many ppl are discussing about gol Gappas!!! and sharing their yummy experiences…

    Bhaiya has described it so well that the person who doesn’t like will definately go to have it…

    I will add one thing, when your throat is bad.. you should go and have gol gappas!!! It will cure…ha..ha..ha..


  17. hmmm bhaiya… kya hai aapko… mota karo bas … aise likhoge to kisi ka bhi mann kar jayega khane ka… now i will have to leave office for a while to treat myself with paani puri… yummmmmmmmmm

  18. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  19. THE ULTIMATE description of Panipuri…Bhaiya u can only do that…made it like serving in a 5 STAR 🙂

  20. hmmmmm………. no doubt chhappan dukan in Indore serves the best pani puri…

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