Going back to School

The satsangs with Vikram at Bhopal & Indore were a much-needed break for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The strokes of his guitar makes you swim in the ocean of His presence. I too, gave a humorous introduction, which you can ask the ones who were there and the meditation was serene.

But what I want to share with all you Blogdosts is the venue of the Indore satsang, Emerald Heights International school. Away from din and noise of Indore city, The Emerald Heights International School has the perfect environment to free the mind from distraction. The campus is located on Agra-Bombay national highway, about 10 kms. from Indore. A generous 65 acres, landscaped to blend harmoniously with the surroundings.

The school highly promotes sports and the sports activities look inviting. One look of the deep blue pool seemed like the water is enticing you for a union.  Extensive playgrounds and world-class infrastructure. The entire school campus has been beautifully landscaped to give it a healthy and lively environment. The open grounds, the trees, the very expanse give students a spirit of freedom.

Two landmarks that caught my eye and floored me completely to write about it are
1)    Dhruv-The Castle unfolds the fairyland of a Child’s dream. The castle has an attractive courtyard and a stage running parallel leaving the centers open to the sky. It has a Grecian garden in the rear, a sandpit, mushroom slides and ladders. Students have their own world here. It is equipped with library, Nachiketa – the multimedia theatre, art and craft room, computer lab, playroom. The classroom has a colorful panorama, which develops the fertile mind of a child in right direction.

2)    The tree House. I had never seen a tree house before and I was thrilled to see one here. Though we could not go inside, I did stop by and clicked pictures of this dream amidst mango trees.  It looked extremely intimate and scary too 🙂  I did some gossiping to find out if someone had been inside and found out from Yash who had sneaked in once, that one person can sleep inside 🙂

All of us felt like wanting to go back to school.

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  1. I totally agree to u, bhaiya
    Even I went to Emerald Height’s about four years ago…..for a national “Heritage Quiz” organised by NCERT [:)](dont laugh yaar main bachpan mein padhai bhi karta tha)…and i would have to say that the view was astonishing….(wese mujhe aacche se yaad nahi kya-kya tha, par jo bhi tha Mast tha)
    waiting for u

  2. Ah! lovely…and the castle looks awesome!!

  3. Waoo….. What A beautiful Campus it is…
    Great Architecture.. Swimming pooooooooool….. there,Felt like jumping into it.
    I came to know That Guruji in His last trip to Indore visited this school,And he said…Kash ham bhi is school me Padhate..
    I made some friends there as Somya,Shantanu. Intelligent and innocent kids…

  4. for sure its very tempting,,,,,bhaiya unlike madhur maine to schoold time me bhi padhai nai kiya…so is thr chance for me get an admission thr;):))

  5. Thats must be wonderful! U read about all these in the English story books.

    Come to think of it there so much that you get see in the course of your travels. Thats so nice.

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