It’s Gud & it’s very Good

The republic day was by far the best one celebrated at Aurwan Tand – the school run by Yes+ and co-ordinated by me. More about that in another post.

Varanasi is the place from where I started my journey of travelling to teach Yes+ courses.

Sanket who loves to feed, fed me a very interesting rassgulla made totally from gud (jaggery) at Sheer Sagar. It was yummy…

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  1. oyi!! Looks yummy as well!!
    Strangely enough I could taste it!! Seriously heheheh

    Jai Gurudev..Waiting for ur post


  2. Jai Gurudev Bhaiya, You remember once you played the song “Just this moment” ..that goes like om namah om namah shivaya..
    If you could please share it with all of us once again!
    It is indeed one of the best 🙂

    Thank you

  3. bhaiya ji cheese bhujia parantha ready ho gaya hai.
    par photu nahi khich paya hai.

  4. if Varanasi is the place where u started ur journey then I am the one who is accompanying u since tht time:))
    wasie bhiaya its not good thing…u write about all this n make my mouth watering…..btw, its called ‘Gurr’ not ‘gud’ 😉 :p

  5. really, bhaiya its very good
    vaise bhi food is too good at ur blog as u describe it in totally diffrent way
    and the closeup pics of this eatables adds the icing on the cake
    whether its pani-puri or this brown-rasgulla it really looks yummy

  6. Bhaiya u’ll be pleased to know I discovered a very nice Complete Veggi restaurant here in Banglore n BEST thing is tht they serve Jainny food as well…yeah!! tht means without onion n garlic…i went thr on last Sat…next time whenever u come we’ll go thr:-) :-p

  7. ..picture accha wala dalna tha..its looking like 3 days old p….ty n people r saying yummmmmy.
    look what astha is sayin” yeh aisi lag rahi hai ki teen din ke bad nikli hai”

  8. …..hmmmm.its good n very good….

  9. :):):)

  10. bhaiya…..you are really lucky to find such rasgulla and i too because sheer sagar is in banaras only.

  11. its luuking lyk someone’s brain!!

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