Rule or Serve!! Where does all the tax payers money go?

This a question which India is asking herself that, are the governments ruling us or serving us? Today I take the audacity in questioning the tax expenditures running into crores for the security paraphernalia around our ministers, the international pleasure trips, the detailed discussion in the Tamil Nadu cabinet over a hemline of an actress, their splurging on maintaining their bungalows and many many more. A lot of it is extremely funny yet thought provoking.

First take your browser to the link where does all the tax go!

And then quickly come back and do read Gurudev’s solution to all of it in the most simplistic and practical way.

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  1. Hence I feel we must first get the politicians to do The Art of Living Course.

  2. eye opener post………………………

  3. This is the time we should elect
    Good people in the coming General Election.

  4. Dear rajesh bhaiya,
    jai guru dev
    first ofall we make the home Asafe place.mujhe tou aaj tak yaha samajh nahi aaya hai ki hum sab payaar se kayoon nahi rahate hain.guruji ki batoon koo agar hum aaj se bhi samajhane lagen tou yeh duniya badal sawarg hoo jayeegi.

  5. This is vwery important and every taxpayer should ask this question !!

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