The Attack

The Indore volunteers set a precedent by organising the Utsav amidst the most important festival of Madhya Pradesh – Holi. Sprinkling their heart and soul into the hot humid climate to cook an Utsav filled with morsels of enthusiasm containing message to vote and save water.

While at Indore, I photographed an attack by these master teammates to construct an entire village outside my window. There were millions of them, in no time had they decided the place, and settled down for their architecture. Though Isha was all set to eradicate them, I told her what Einstein had said “If the honey bees are gone, the world won’t survive for 3 years also”.

I used my free time to observe their togetherness, communication and life set amidst mankind. It was a treat to watch them. So similar are our lives, an attack filled with sweetness, firmness, strength and  belongingness  🙂

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  1. A posting after a long gap!!!!! Do keep writing often, I miss yr articles. So did you play Holi or only observed the bees????

  2. did any bite u ?? 😮

  3. JGD bhaiyya….

    Ohhh…..it reminded me childhood incident… honeybees attacked us (my group)…..and I was running round the bend saving myself from their dreadful attacks…. since thn I never ever dared to chase them…

    Anyways It was nice reading this post..bachpan yaad aya (thx to u)…

  4. what a nice post!….sweet as honey 🙂

  5. Undoubtedly exciting!!
    and its hard to guess how close are you to these bees while getting the pics..
    NICE! 🙂

  6. I still remember how u use ur free time with ur keen n probing eyes…clicking n making the it memorable…
    Once again one of the most inspiring n full of knowledge posts..hw u find these deep rooted knowledge in such a ordinary daily life things…it keeps surprising n inspiring me…
    Love ya!!

  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooo….
    it was vry dangerous attack of my life in childhood……….

  8. Missing the days of our UTSAV 🙁

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