Melting the greed, jealousy…

Have you ever thought what are the things which are very personal to us in our lives. Your house, fame, power, secrets and attachments. What are the things which are universal in our lives? Guruji, Sun, Air, Earth, Water, and atoms. Which of the things are essential to live? Does the first category give us life or takes away the zeal from life?

What the Art of Living courses have done is made the universal very very personal through Surya Namaskar, Kriya, Bowing down and the hollow-empty meditations. Greed, jealousy, fear and lack of contentment arise when “what is mine” and “what is universal “ are completely opposites. Sharing inculcates an attitude of personal becoming universal.

As once someone had asked Guruji “Do you love everyone equally?” He replied “No, I love everyone uniquely?” Personal love in an universal crowd. And as He said the mind is the wave and the ocean is the consiousness, the ocean can live without the wave but the wave cannot live without the ocean. Become personal with the five elements and the Guru, become open to sharing everything personal. While orchestrating the notes of your life, make the personal universal to find peace, love and compassion.

Homework: – Find out all that is very personal to you, laptop, i-pod, your talents, fame, beauty and power. Share it with some people and let me know what melted.

P.S:- I have been very irregular in posting and i read all your complaints for it. I would request you to tell me what should I write more….recipes, jokes, personal experiences, articles, seva sharings, course sharings etc etc. Your vote will count, so start voting and make it a practice.

26 thoughts on “Melting the greed, jealousy…

  1. election ka Jamana aa gaya hai bhaiya…ye lo hamare Bhaiya bhi Votwa mangne lage hai…hadd ho gayi…election feverwa me aap abb hum se Blog Postwa ke liye bhi votwa mangege… :d 😛

  2. waise Hamar Votwa daal dijiye Fun filled knowledgwa wala postwa ke liye…haan saath me kuchh tasty tasty khane wala postwa hoto aur bhi achha hai 😉 😛

  3. I dont mind sharing any of my personal things, but at times its diffucult to share my guru with millions (even though he loves me uniquely…any solutions to that?

  4. Pranaam bhaiya…! would be veryy happy to read ur experiences of taking courses, your early days in AOL and ofcorse guru stories 🙂 … JGDev… Luv, akshay…
    P.S. plzz do write often 🙁

  5. Personal vs universal … thoda confusion hai!!!

    i’ll read it again and will probably undersatnd the difference..

    And wud love to have your personal experiences…

    Love you

  6. aur hamara vote jata he, jata he, jata he aur jata he arrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee phuca nhi kya?

    chalo ek bar firse karte he

    seva sharings & course sharings

  7. firstly thanks a lot Rajesh Bhaiya for this wonderful post. I will deinitely make up the list of things personal to me and will start sharing them 🙂

    Ok now as far as the voting thing goes,in order of preference:
    Guru stories
    Recipes/and mind you they should be really really tasty and simple to cook…btw heard a lot about your delicious pasta(so can we have that??)
    and then
    Personal experiences

    With loads and loads and loads of love and blessings 🙂


  8. Bhaiyya, I want you to write about what one should do when one wants to desperately attend an adv. course in the Ashram with Guruji, but when the pressures of a PhD are throwing a spanner into the works….i’m praying to Guruji everyday to let it happen somehow….plz Guruji let it happen somehow….i want to see you and be with you Guruji…

  9. Dear bhaiya
    Jai Guru Dev
    yaha sach hai bhaiya ki jab hamara sab apna hum sabse batne
    lagate hain tou dil ko jo khushi ka AHSAS hota hai usi main jeevan ka meaning samajh aane lagata hai
    bhaiya aap guru stories hamko sunate rahiye .
    lots of love


  10. Jgd Bhaiya this is a very important article as greed jealousy are always have to be checked. And we would like you to guide, correct, inspire, advise order !!! about the right things……

  11. bhaiya, anything and everything that comes spontaneously to u.. but more n more Guru stories… 🙂

  12. Hi Bhaiyya… Jai Gurudev…!!!

    After doing AOL courses I became aware of what is “need” and what is “greed”… with the help of awareness and consciousness I can check my level of happiness while sharing my knowledge with my friends, with my near and dear ones… attaining knowledge is personal thing and sharing that knowledge with others is Universal but at the same time bhaiyaa as you said this universal thing is becoming very very personal.

    Am i rite..? correct me if i m wrong…

    Looking for your personal experiences and Guruji’s story.

    Jai Gurudev…

  13. Helloooo Bhaiya,

    Nice article after a loooooooong time. I would like to read more of Guru stories and knowledge from you.

    Regarding your this article, I would like to mention here that I have already started sharing my most precious possession already with everybody much before your posting. U should know who are the most precious people for me, i dont think I need to mention that. Currently, I am reading Punarnava, talks by Guruji. A very good book indeed. Everybody should read it. One thing that Guruji says in this book which I am not able to forget, when you dont have control over your body, how at all can you try to have control over anything else in this world. How true!


  14. “Making the personal into the universal”:
    Brilliantly expressed!! I completely agree with you.

    Seva is an extension of that. One becomes conscious that the things one perceived as limited to oneself—problems/ feelings/ situations—are common to all. This is an impetus to reach out and serve.

    I look forward to reading more of your views on the course and the knowledge.

  15. JaiGuruDev !
    Thanks for the Beautiful knowledge !
    Please share more personal experiences……sewa sharing…..!!
    JaiGuruDev !!

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