Green Beans, the best way

1/2 kg green French beans, 2 cloves garlic,1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper,1 tablespoons olive oil),1 cup maggie vegetable broth,(Take 2 pouches of maggi magic masala, and mix it in 1 cup of boiling water) ,Ground black pepper

Snap the stem ends of green beans, or cut them off in a big bunch with a knife if you’d like. Put the olive oil in a skillet over medium low heat. Add garlic and cook for a minute. Then add green beans and cook for a minute until beans turn bright green. Add the vegetable broth, chopped red pepper, salt, and black pepper. Turn heat to low and cover with a lid, leaving lid cracked to allow steam to escape. Cook for 20 to 30 minutes or until liquid evaporates and beans are fairly soft, yet still a bit crisp. You can add more vegetable broth during the cooking process, but don’t be afraid to let it all cook away so the peppers can caramelize.

Have a spoon handy to protect your fair share.

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  1. yeah one more recipe to try….
    tomorrow i m going to mumbai aunti uncle to khilaunga…

  2. bhaiya have u tried malai ki sabzi ???
    i would love to hear ur experiment wid that

  3. Agar maggi magic masala nahi ho to bhaiya? koi substitute hoga kya?



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