How to Swim through Insecurity? by Guruji

    Q. Why does insecurity develop in us and what should we do to overcome it?

    A.: The cause of insecurity is that you think nobody loves you. That is your own misunderstanding. There is so much love in the universe.

    I’m here. When you have that confidence, then fear disappears. At least here (at the ashram), there are so many people who love you.  Usually you feel that if someone loves you, you think they expect something from you. I want nothing from you, other than your smile and happiness. When you know this, all your fears will vanish.  Practice pranayama, asanas, kriya, meditation regularly, your entanglement can cause fear. More the entanglement, more the fear.  Only knowledge can bring freedom from entanglement.

    Craving brings lack of peace.

    Attachment brings fear and insecurity.

    Greed brings ‘lack consciousnesses, poverty.

    Freedom from craving, will give you peace.

    Through non-attachment, you are free from fear.

    Generosity will help you to get over ‘lack consciousness.’

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  1. Very reassuring 🙂

  2. Indeed bhaiya! The divine is always there with all of us.

  3. wow….dis gives me answer to loads of questions which wer running in my mind….thanks
    luv ya jai guru dev

  4. R sir – I think besides your courses there – you should plan on spreading the awareness in this part of the world – Din dahade choriya ho rahi hain – if you know what I mean ……. :-p

  5. Truly inspiring thoughts. Keep posting such articles often.

    Jgd bhaiyaji.

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