Nehru-Gandhi Family Tree

In India, the paternal family holds more importance and precedence but hardly anyone knows about the “Gandhi” paternal existence. Obama and Bobby Jindal had to reassure the American voter that they are converted christians in a country which boasts of freedom to personal denomination. Why do we not know about the faith of the “Gandhi’s” ?

Who are these people to rule us for 50 years and yet in their own constituency the illiteracy percentage has gone up to 73% ? Why have they not shown any progress in their own regions? The reason is simple, the more the people know the lesser possibilities of they duping people.

UttarPradesh is devoid of electricity for almost 12 hours in temperatures of 40 C. UP has produced the maximum PrimeMinisters, yet why has it not seen any progress. Slavery is the word. These are the people who know that India resides in the villages and to keep their power they have to keep literacy and development away.

Today it is time to ask direct, obvious questions even if they are snide and supercilious to the politicians. I understand that no change can happen by being outside the system, but the people inside the system need to be accountable to someone, and that someone is You – the janata of the country. So guys ask – do you want another 5 years of slavery, terrorism, castesism and low self esteem. Root it out – Vote for Change .

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  1. You said 10th April was your last post about this topic ,however you have really touched a raw nerve, in India you can write a Phd on various family trees in politics just try it you have ample work in your hands,why politics only, here anybody who gets a chance to push their family doesn’t think twice before sidelining others may be this is willed by God some may argue otherwise why is a person in the family?past Karmas perhaps, this is true even for domestic helps who have an extended network and are ready to push anyone out who is not from the clan, see this is our uniqueness.

  2. The Congress is a pseudo secular party, its hands were drenched with the blood of thousands of Sikhs after the death of Indira Gandhi. It followed vote bank politics by appeasing the Muslims. It shamelessly collaborated with Muslim league in Kerala and MIM a Muslim fascist party in Andhra Pradesh. It gave tickets for the seats of MPs MLAs on the basis of caste,creed and money power. The Congress mortgaged the interests of India to the American imperialists and MNCs by entering into nuclear agreement and converting fertile lands into SEZS (partly good though 🙁 ).
    In order to win the trust vote, the Congress party purchased the MPs votes called cash for votes scam. Had the left not intervened , the UPA would have permitted FDI in banks and insurance companies in India and thus caused for their collapse.

    If all this is too complicated – my theory is pretty simple – What good has Congress done in last few year? If a corrupt party is anyways to rule the country why not TRY for a change – BJP this time and see how bad they are 🙂 . They might turn out less WORSE than the current govt.

    Afterall dont they say – Umeed par to Jevaan Kayaam Hain !!!!!!

    Jai Guru Dev

  3. change to whom??
    how will anyother party ensure things are better..
    i think change has to come from people. They have to be more demanding. Thus must demand proper service, proper behaviour etc. i think our country do empower its people reasonably well including say PILs, RTIs etc. But how many people themselves engage in good behaviour, have spotless character. First build your own character and then ask others. Else it’ll be your destiny.
    You think only the netas are corrupt. What about the holier than thou aam aadmi..yeh aam aadmi saa** khud hi morally bankrupt, hypocrite, selfish gan** hain. What right they have to kichar uthao on others..??
    change self first and demand from others.

  4. bringing out facts is different from keechar uthao. We certainly have a right to know as to why are we being deceived by the Gandhi Family.
    If sacrifice is what we value, then, where is the son, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi ?
    Did you know that the grand son of Rajendra Prasad is just another bank manager in Punjab National Bank in Patna?
    Those who marketed well their children are still having an asset of $2.2 billion in Swiss bank (according to a Swiss Magazine, which had a captioned photo of Rajiv Gandhi attached)
    BJP has shown the example of growth in Gujarat, and Congress has shown the example of Political games in 50 years, though along with subsidiary Growth also.

  5. My conviction is that one should always be alert and discerning about politics and political developments. But when you have a public life(when so many people look up to you for guidance) your political affiliation should not dominate in your advice.

    Democracy is the winner in our country, the election has proved. Let us hope that all parties will uphold the values and principles of democracy, not showing their muscle power or money power.


  6. Indians are being cheated by a fake Nehru dynasty
    GHIYASUDDIN GHAZI (Name changed to GANGA DHAR to escape British army). His son was

  7. You want to know more about Nehru Gandhi Dynasty then read this it will widely open your eyes. NEHRU DYNASTY

    Indians are being cheated by a fake Nehru dynasty
    GHIYASUDDIN GHAZI (Name changed to GANGA DHAR to escape British army). His son was
    MOTILAL married and his first wife and son died at childbirth.
    MOTILAL and his second wife THUSSU (name changed to SWAROOP RANI) had three children
    THUSSU with MOBARAK ALI (Motilal’s Boss) was the first son JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU (he was circumcised)
    MOTILAL AND THUSSU had two daughters by name NAN (also called Vijaya Lakshmi) & KRISHNA
    MOTILAL had also two bastard sons out of Muslim women by name SHEIK ABDULLA &SYUD HUSSAIN
    VIJAYA LAKSHMI eloped with SYUD HUSSAIN (half brother and sister) and had a girl CHANDRALEKHA
    JAWAHARLAL NEHRU married KAMALA KAUL (marriage never consummated)
    JAWAHARLAL had an affair with SARADDHA MATA (assumed name) and had a son given away to an orphanage in BANGALORE
    JAWAHARLAL had an affair with LADY MOUNTBATTEN but no children
    KAMALA KAUL had an affair with MANZUR ALI (who is son of Mobark Ali who fathered Nehru also) and their daughter is INDIRA PRIYADARSINI NEHRU
    KAMALA KAUL had an affair with FEROZ KHAN (son of Nawab Khan who supplied liquor to their house) but no children
    INDIRA was found in the bed with her GERMAN TEACHER at Shantiniketan
    INDIRA PRIYADARSINI nikhahed as per Islamic rites FEROZ KHAN after converting herself to Islam. Her new name was MAIMUNA BEGUM and both had changed their name to fool the public of India on the advice of Ghandi by an affidavit in a court to INDIRA GHANDI and FEROZ GANDHI
    INDIRA and FEROZ had one son by name RAJIV GHANDI (as per Islamic rites he was circumcised)
    INDIRA had an affair with MOHAMMED YOUNUS and had a second son SANJIV GHANDI (later the name changed to SANJAY GHANDI to escape prosecution in UK for car theft. He was circumcised as per Islamic rites)
    INDIRA had an affair with M.O. MATHAI (Nehru’s steno) and a son was aborted
    INDIRA had an affair with DHIRENDRA BRAMMACHARI but no children
    INDIRA had an affair with DHINESH SINGH but no children
    FEROZ had an affair with TARAKESWARI SINHA
    FEROZ had an affair with MEHMUNA SULTANA
    FEROZ had an affair with SUBHADRA JOSHI and many others.
    RAJIV GHANDI converted to a Christian Catholic and changed the name to ROBERTO and married the Italian Catholic Christian by name SONIA MAINO (Sonia Maino was on the pay roll of KGB, the Russian spy agency which presented her in front of Rajiv Ghandi) and had one daughter and one son by name BIANKA and RAUL. For the Indian public these names are presented as PRIANKA and RAHUL.

  8. Indira Gandhi? No…’Maimuna Begum’!

    Indira Gandhi’s real name was ‘Maimuna Begum’. She lived like a Muslim
    all her life. The Sultan of Saudi Arabia had invited her to Mecca. It
    is noteworthy that only Muslims are allowed to visit Mecca. She once
    told Shri. M.O. Mathai, the personal secretary of Nehru, her father,
    ‘I hate Hindus. I will never marry a Hindu.’-(Ref.:
    swordoftruth.com )
    Not ‘Indira Feroze Gandhi’,’Indira Feroze Khan’!

    Feroze Gandhi is considered a Parsi because his mother was a Parsi
    before her marriage to his Muslim father Nawab Khan; but since she
    converted to Islam before her marriage, their son Feroze Khan is a
    Muslim and not a Parsi by birth. This was the reason why Kamala Nehru
    opposed Indira’s marriage to him.

    Despite a Muslim wedding (nikah) with Feroze in a London Masjid, a
    fake picture of their marriage in Vedic style was published to fool
    the Indians !

    A fake picture of Indira and Feroze marriage in Vedic style (Published
    to fool the Indians)


    Feroze Khan married Indira in a Masjid in London. Well-known English
    newspapers publicized this event. When the couple returned to India,
    it was arranged to get a photograph of the couple married in Vedic
    style for publishing in India. Later all these photographs were
    exhibited in ‘Anandbhavan’.

    Shri. M.O. Mathai, Nehru’s personal secretary has written this in his
    book,’Reminiscences of the Nehru Age'(now banned by the Indian
    Government) that ‘due to some inevitable reason the otherwise prudent
    Nehru allowed this wedding to be performed in Vedic style despite
    knowing that performing an inter-caste and an inter-religious marriage
    in Vedic style was illegal.’

    With the advice of Mahatma (?) Gandhi, Nehru changed the name of
    ‘Feroze Khan’ to ‘Feroze Gandhi’

    When Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi learnt that Indira had embraced Islam
    he immediately summoned Nehru and advised him to change the name of
    his son-in-law from Feroze Khan to Feroze Gandhi. The purpose in this
    was to fool Indians that he was Parsi and not a Muslim. This was done
    by a renowned lawyer from Allahabad, Sir Sapru, a close associate of
    Motilal Nehru, in a Mumbai court by presenting an Affidavit.
    Even today, mystery shrouds Feroze Gandhi’s death!

    The truth is that after the birth of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira and Feroze
    were living separately, but did not separate legally. Feroze Gandhi
    perpetually harassed Nehru for money and also interfered in his
    political maneuvers. Nehru was fed up of Feroze’ ways and had given
    instructions to deny access to Feroze Gandhi to his official residence
    ‘Teenmurti Bhavan’. In his book Shri. Mathai writes,’Both Nehru and
    Indira Gandhi heaved a sigh of relief after the death of Feroze
    Gandhi’. Just as Feroze Gandhi started getting some political acclaim,
    suddenly in 1960 he expired. Even today his death is a mystery. Feroze
    Gandhi had even contemplated a second marriage, but he died before

  9. I have a soft-copy of the book referred by Aditi in the above post (Reminiscences of the Nehru Age) written by his personal secretary (M.O.Mathai).
    It is a scanned version of the original book. and I would be happy to share it with anyone who is interested.

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