Happiness is a mere idea…

All of us have our favorite pick on Guruji’s talks and Patanjali happens to me my personal choice. The dust on the mind is skillfully vacuumed off by the rishi and Guruji’s masterful narration of them. This time the group is not very committed, but I am up every morning an hour before and wait for the dip in this ganges of knowledge.

I had to jot these lines down from the talks for all of you, if you haven’t heard the series, just get a group together and take this spa treatment for the mind immediately…


Happiness is just a mere idea in the mind. You think that if you have this you are happy. If you have whatever you wanted, then are you happy? Vairagya is putting a stop to craving for happiness. That does not mean you must be miserable. It is not that. It does not mean you should not enjoy yourself, but the craving for joy, only when you retrieve your mind from it, only then can you meditate. Then yoga happens.

Your dreams and fantasies, just shatter them. All your dreams and fantasies, offer them to the fire. Burn them. What great happiness do you want to have? How long can you have it? You are going to be finished. It is all going to end. Before this earth eats you up, become free.

Free yourself from this feverishness that is gripping your mind.

Free yourself from this craving for happiness.

Look into every craving you have closely and remember you are going to die. Your craving for sweets, sugar, food. Ask yourself if you want to keep eating them. Ok, eat for as long as you like. See consciously, what can they do? Nothing. What else do you crave for? Beautiful views? Keep on looking at the view. How long you can go on looking?

Sex. How much sex can you have? Then you will see that there is nothing in it. How long? Few moments later, the body looks like styrofoam, that which was so attractive before.

What other thing? All these substances you see have limitations, but your mind is not ready for limitations. It wants unlimited pleasure, which the five senses cannot give you. It is impossible. You simply get burnt down, over and over again.

Skillfully handling the objects of senses and bringing it to the self is dispassion or vairagya.


Do let us know which are your chosen best talks of Guruji, which ornament a grin on your face everytime He narrates them…

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  1. We are listening to Patanjali too 🙂
    and this talk happened yesterday…

    but somehow, it’s hitting me today… NOW!

    5 mins back, I was in trouble… and craving to get out it 🙂
    I am still in trouble, but now I am smiling… 🙂 🙂

    Jai Gurudev!!!

  2. JGD Bhaiya
    So finally a post related to dispassion, eh!

  3. I am agree with some point
    but daer bhaiya can you explain
    if i burn my dreams then for what
    i will alive:-)

  4. This post reminds me of what my closest person tells me –
    “Its very very very difficult to be unhappy and if i manage to do the most difficult task – then easy task of being happpy is very easy to do”


  5. yeah this idea of relating cravings wid death works instantly. Patanjali yogsutras are undoubtly my fav. too.

  6. Happiness is a mere idea but what an IDEA sir ji !!

  7. I Simply LOVE listening PYS…n those PYS sessions with u reminds me lots:):P

  8. it sounds like Happiness is just Some kind of Chemical Locha in oUr Mind ;):p

  9. Nice post 🙂
    I still haven’t got the opportunity to experience Ashtavakra through Guruji … but from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Shiva Sutras and Narada Bhakti Sutras … the NBS is my favourite …
    We used to have tears of gratitude after watching each and every VCD of Guruji’s talk on the Bhakti sutras …

  10. Yes very true……i culdnt agree more

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