The three attitudes to sadhana…

1)I have to do my sadhana
2) Let me do my sadhana
3) I cannot live without doing my sadhana

Elevate yourself to the third level with continuous practice and respect to kriya and meditation.

PS:- If you know someone in Indore who would want to do the Utsav, do let them know about it, starting on Guruji’s birthday.

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  1. This was meant for me.

  2. HE has given us sadhana, May HE give us also will to imbibe them in our life, and strength to hold that will….

    All Glory to My gurudev

  3. Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Im here after so long, and feels soo good what u wrote.
    Jai Gurudev

  5. Soham

  6. hmmm……dear bhaiya by elevating myself to 3rd category, ll i not be addicted to meditation.
    n someday if kriya is not happen d whole day ll collapsed??????
    What u say abt it?

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