Happy Birthday Guruji

For many years, He kept telling me “you have to teach in thousands”, but this time when I went to the ashram and He repeated it, I believed it for the first time. The entire team of Abhishek, Anurag, Avani, Sunil, Pawan, Pragati, Parmanu and many many many more volunteers also saw it happyning 🙂 We set out to organise the potent Utsav’s across North India. The Utsav’s are doses of grace, power packed with intensity, responsibility and meditations. A course when replicated in life can make it worthwhile.

And now two months down the line, we have taught 3500 students, and I realize, His words exhume the truth all the time, but gets dawned in our lives only when we believe it.

Happy Birthday Guruji and Thank You Guruji for everything.

PS:-You can wish Him through the Happynings here and let the grace stories flow into the comments.

We wind up the series of Utsav’s this summer season at Indore, melting into the advance course in the ashram on May 21.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Guruji

  1. Jai Gurudev Bhaiyya!!!

    Bhaiyaa… “His words exhume the truth all the time, but gets dawn in our lives only when we believe it.” ekdum perfect line… now i have started experiencing it too…. aapko toh sab pata hai aur Guruji ko bhi sab pata tha, hai aur hamesh rahega 🙂

    I wish Guruji a very very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY…with loads of love n smiles.. :-):-) and also would like to thanks him for giving us a very special teacher like you…

    Guruji understood our thirst for
    knowledge, and our need to be led
    by someone wiser;
    He needed a heart of compassion,
    of encouragement, and patience;
    Someone who would accept
    the challenge regardless of the
    Someone who could see potential
    and believe in the best in others . . .
    So He made Teachers.
    & we got U 🙂

    Jai Gurudev!!!

  2. **His words exhume the truth all the time, but gets dawned in our lives only when we believe it.

    Aho!! Kuch Jaan ke chalo , kuch maan ke chalo

    Happy Birthday Guruji and Happy Birthday to Us ALL 🙂

    Jai Gurudev

  3. I already wished Guruji he must have heard it!!(I haven’t recd confirmation email yet) happy birthday Guruji once again on the blogsite of one of your most ardent admirer and loved teacher.

  4. Better late than never. Each n every day is a celebration and has to be incredited to Guruji, for his divine presence in our lives. Not even a single day dawns without feeling his presence in our lives.

    Read yr article (in hindi) with great difficulty. Good work indeed! Hats off to you. U look like a handsome prince on the throne.

    His grace is ever flowing in our lives n practically impossible to quote here.

    Jai Gurudev.

  5. Jai Gurudev,

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Guruji…

    Thanks for giving me the new life.

    Pavan Ghooli.

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