Mango Pash. The most simple Mango recipe

This recipe was unearthed when we found lots of paneer in the fridge and the mango season in full swing in Mumbai. It was licked off till the Pash was a thing of the past totally. Fingers almost swallowed, we settled down to thank Gods Creation. Mango!!

300 gms Paneer

4 alphonso Mangoes ( cut in fine pieces or just grinded on low speed in the grinder for 5 seconds)

Finely Powdered 2-3 tbsps of sugar. (More if you like it very sweet)

Elaichi Powder optional (I didn’t add this at all)

Run your hands through the solid paneer to make it gooey, till it is properly thumped into a paste. Add the mango paste, the sugar and finally elaichi if you wish. Mix thoroughly. Gulp down the copious secretion of saliva in the mouth 🙂 Serve chilled.

3 thoughts on “Mango Pash. The most simple Mango recipe

  1. sluuurrrrrrrrpppppppp .. yummy picture !!

    will definitey be making this .. a combo of two of my favourite things – mangoes and paneer 🙂

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