Joke : – Remedy for Depression & Cut-throat Competition

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  1. i hope i will be more confident this time i go to learn swimming 😉

  2. OH OH OH !!! and not to forget the fact that i had brains and patience enough not to follow my foolish faster friends into the throat pipe.

  3. reasons of my success:-
    1>my mind was not stuck in demand of proof wether a road exists or not
    2>i was never in viparyaya about the fact that throat is not proper path to success
    3>i never had vikalpa about how many nice eggs i will meet after crossing borders
    4>i left nidra
    5>i never thought about my past life in a wet dingy crowded place.

    So essentially i am grateful to patanjali sir and guruji for the success..

  4. :-/ 🙂

  5. this sounds logical for boys and whats the remedy for gals 🙂

  6. well..neglecting technicalities…this is reason why most girls are already confident in nature..cuz all they ever had to do was sit around looking pretty so that some spermo bother comes up to them after all difficulties faced in road….

  7. Fastest?? How about the speed of it per hour…relative study can be done?



  8. Just goes to prove the ingrained nature of girls ………… to be lazy……….. and the funny part is they still have the audacity to call us guys – COUCH POTATOES ……… heights of hypocricy …………

  9. Yeah My comment seems to be technically wrong yes the joke itself look technically wrong to me because If we consider that life is coming from sperm and the ovum is just a receiver of that life form then the concept of conception and life related to it become invalid itself, isnt it? Also as per my intuition, i could think that sperm and ovum contain the life force energy of father and mother respectively and when fertilization happens that time soul get into embryo and that time a new entity who is different from father and mother come into existence isnt it? Just the scientific inquiry in the matter 🙂


  10. Its just a joke @ all : )

    Don’t use your scientific brains 🙂


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