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I would really like each and every one of my blog friends to take this test. Believe me the nub of the mystery when unfolded, you will feel that you should have participated in this thriller blog episode πŸ™‚

So what you have to do isΒ to pen down into the comments section the first thoughts that pound you with the below listed words.

1) Food

2) Love

3) Clothes

4) Spirituality

5) Pleasure

The gist of the mystery will unfold in a few days πŸ™‚ Wait with bated breath ….really πŸ™‚

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  1. interesting! πŸ™‚

    1. Food: Fresh and tasty, (and someone else should cook it)

    2. love: Guruji, beautiful, divine, romance, close to nature, something very beautiful blossoms inside πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    3. Clothes: love dressing up… trying all sorts of clothes… from sexy western wears to traditional and beautiful indian dresses… smart casuals.. everything about them.. makes u feel like princess of your own world! πŸ™‚

    4. Spirituality: a way of life… eternal.. broader vision, deepened roots… Gurudevs eyes..

    5. Pleaure: all of the above πŸ™‚ but 2 and 4 for sure..

    (think, i should stop here – πŸ™‚ )

  2. 1.cnt resist
    3.jst an add on

  3. 1) Food -Tasty

    2) Love -Selfless

    3) Clothes -Comfortable

    4) Spirituality -Rajesh Bhaiya

    5) Pleasure -Holidaying

  4. 1) Food: delicious, hungry, tasty, spicy, sweet.

    2) Love: heart…… heartbreak…..the love of my life……. guruji….(the second and the third led me to guruji)

    3) Clothes: all sorts… traditional… ethnic….. western… but not too dressy…. casuals…

    4) Spirituality: life…… love…… faith…….. grace………. truth……..

    5) Pleasure: nature, satsangs, love.

  5. 1) Food: delicious, hungry, tasty, spicy, sweet…….

    2) Love: heart…… heartbreak…..the love of my life……. guruji….(the second and the third led me to guruji)

    3) Clothes: all sorts… traditional… ethnic….. western… but not too dressy…. casuals…

    4) Spirituality: life…… love…… faith…….. grace………. truth……..

    5) Pleasure: nature, satsangs, love.

  6. Nothing came to my mind..! Just Γ§uz u’d asked us to pen our ‘first thoughts’…the opposite happened…will give it some time and take it up again.. !

  7. Food-sweets



    Spirituality-the most beautiful thing

    Pleasure-Bangalore Ashram

  8. 1-.nothing as first thought.then a thali of food
    3-white flowing robe of Guruji

  9. 1) Food – Necessity

    2) Love – Yogi

    3) Clothes – comfortable+trendy

    4) Spirituality – AOL

    5) Pleasure – Post Satsang

  10. This is interesting:
    1) Food – essense of life (i am a born glut, dukker, pig :-p) :-p
    2) Love – everyone
    3) Clothes – fashion :-p
    4) Spirituality – within oneself
    5) Pleasure – love everyone /everything

  11. Food: fav food in front
    Love: gf,frnds n fmily
    clothes: those i want 2 buy
    spirituality: kriya, peace of mind
    pleasure: my hobbies n frnds

  12. apple

  13. 1)Food-Bhindi chapati,turdal and chawal.
    3)Clothes-comfortable and suitable
    5)pleasure-swinging in my mother’s lawn with no care of the world.

  14. food– cant live without it (needed immeidiately whenever hungry otherwise gets fainted)
    love–searching for it frm yrs…bt nt yet suceeded…
    spirituality–dnt knw wht it is……just heared never felt.
    pleasure–peace of mind…….harldy u get …

  15. omoshiroi desu ne (its interesting)

    1) Food — pao bhaji, golgappe, nirula’s ice cream:)

    2) Love — Guruji, eyes, vibrations

    3) Clothes — love them.., cant seem to have enuf:)

    4) Spirituality — Guruji, smile, Life..

    5) Pleasure — impermanent..

  16. 1) Food: Rajesh Bhaiya, cheese bhujia paranta.

    2) Love: Kanpur ,Kanpur, Kanpur πŸ™‚

    3) Clothes: i will wash them after the demo of new washing Machine πŸ˜‰

    4) Spirituality: Spirituality is only the way!!!!!

    5) Pleasure:cooking in the kitchen and feeding others

  17. First thoughts only:
    1) Food-pizza

    2) Love-:) hehehe, not here

    3) Clothes-jeans

    4) Spirituality-Rajesh bhaiya

    5) Pleasure-Guruji

  18. PaniPuri
    Finding One
    I dont much care
    Jai Guru Dev
    1000 times sex (at once or discreetly, it depends!!!)

  19. PaniPuri
    Finding One
    I dont much care
    Jai Guru Dev
    1000 times sex (at once or discreetly, it depends!!!)

  20. Food- tasty

    Love- Best thing in the world

    clothes – comfortable

    sprituality – ultimate goal

    Pleasure – travel

    Ketki πŸ™‚

  21. 1) Food: gobhi and bhindi ki sabzi

    2) Love: nicky (my younger sis)

    3) Clothes: a lucknowi kurta-pajaama

    4) Spirituality: i don’t know, but the pointer of my mind is pointing towards guruji

    5) Pleasure: guruji

  22. Food- The food served in my hostel mess

    Love- Hmmm….let’s just say that I was reminded of the person i love πŸ™‚

    Clothes- A black coat with gold buttons and grey trousers.

    Spirituality- Guruji…..though I think of infinite and unconditional love when I think of Him. But since you told to mention the FIRST thing that entered my head…..

    Pleasure- Guruji again!

  23. I am afraid these might not be my first but second thoughts!!….

    1. Food – Lot of people are deprived of this “one of the major necessities
    to survive” in this world

    2. Love – Spread it as much as u can!!…

    3. Clothes – tell lot abt a person up to an extent!!…

    4. Spirituality – will experience it someday … for sure!!

    5. Pleasure – One does not need to do lot of efforts to experience this!!… Believe me one can have it by doing very small small effortless things.

  24. Food : a feast

    Love : infinite

    Clothes : neat and comfortable

    Spirituality : divine love

    Pleasure : meeting lovely people…,just feeling their presence..I take pleasure

  25. 1.Food – hot hot rice served with dal and lots of ghee

    2. Love – My mom always comes and talks to me first after we have had a argument or fight

    3. Clothes – a black jeans with a plain white shirt

    4. Spirituality – Meditating

    5. Pleasure – Not caring about anything in the world

  26. 1-no thought
    2-no thought
    5-no thouhgt

  27. 1) Food: Health

    2) Love: Anu

    3) Clothes: casual

    4) Spirituality: Happiness

    5) Pleasure: Research

  28. 1. To eat cautiously (lest I put on!)
    2. Mom, Dad, Hubby, Baby
    3. can splurge on them endlessly
    4. GURUJI, Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga
    5. Spending my Saturdays at My Mother CHS n spending time talking to you (which I hardly get)

  29. 1. yummy…
    2. beautiful..
    3. smart..personality
    4. a gift to mankind..rather,,a self-instituted blessing
    5. having fun..feeling good about yourself

  30. 1) Food – necessary for living

    2) Love – your very being

    3) Clothes – cover up your body

    4) Spirituality – I AM.

    5) Pleasure – craving.

  31. 1) Food:Tasty,pure,different every time,made with less efforts,important

    2) Love:friends———-who are mom,dad,bro all at the same time

    3) Clothes———–one that makes me luk cool,thin:)

    4) Spirituality———-I feel I know everything abt it but sometimes feel as if I am still on the first page of it

    5) Pleasure: Talking gives me pleasure.I enjoy listening girls only:).Hanging out wid friends,big parties,discos,good music

  32. 1) Food – Italian Cuisine

    2) Love – Guruji

    3) Clothes – Kurta

    4) Spirituality – your soul !!

    5) Pleasure – sitting with calm mind

  33. FOOD- Yummmm… all desi delicacies..deliciously tempting… : p

    LOVE-My Guru…(awesome twosome πŸ˜€ )

    CLOTHES-Anything ethnic looks gud..

    SPIRITUALITY-Very essential…adds meaning to one’s life n existence

    PLEASURE-Anytime spent in peace..i guess is pleasure..for me…Divine presence is ultimate pleasure… πŸ™‚

  34. FOOD- LIFE





  35. 1. Food – aynthing Sattvic
    2. Love – Guruji
    3. Clothes – Kurta & Dhoti
    4. Spirituality – Art of Living
    5. Pleasure – Seva

  36. Food: Pizza

    Love: ‘HER’

    Clothes: Kurta or 3 pice suit

    Spirituality: Guruji, Smile, Valour, Awareness

    Pleasure: Indulgence

  37. Food: Lip smacking

    Love: Unconditional

    Clothes: Comfortable

    Spirituality: Your Own – (Self)

    Pleasure: A state of mind

  38. Food: Necessary evil
    Love: My parents and brother
    Clothes: Makes you look smart. Plain casuals.
    Spirituality: Feeling where you give the control of your life in the hands of god.
    Pleasure: Making parents proud and happy.

  39. Someone enjoy the salad
    Hug everyone
    Nice personality
    Serve to everyone

  40. Food = Fruits
    Love= God
    Clothes= Necessity of body
    Spirituality= can’t live without
    Pleasure= My existence on this planet
    Jai Gurudev.

    Pleasure meeting you and receiving your positive and lovely vibrations in ydays satsang in pune.


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