Breath-trekking experience

Heavy clouds giving cover to the misty earth from the heat of the sun, land profusely picturesque with paints of green in shades rare to root out, gleaming water crawling through the unfrequented, hidden interiors of the land and leaping down from the mountains abducting lots of enthusiasm, zeal and waiting to share it with the world. This was the waterfall we ventured into, in Chhoral, some 20 kms away from Indore.

Early mornings are a dream for the AOL organizing teams and it was a dream-come-true experience. An all male team of Sunil, Prasoon, Suvigya, Ajit, Bhushan, Harshal and Sudhir cramped with faith in bikes and cars turned frolickers.

From the outside one could not assess the adventure which waited in rasp attention for us. The scene unfolded when we walked a mile and merriment took over us. The forests lay naked and were undeterred with our presence and companionship. Surrender its nature, being inclusive its attitude, love its language.

The sound of gushing water is hieroglyphical representation of a sage echoing ‘Om’ in extra solar land. The rains bring to land what a Guru’s presence brings to a devotee. Fulfillment, Growth and Longing for more. The birds confused with abundance, the insects soul searching and nature admiring everything within and without.

Amidst all this we shipped ourselves from this bewitching beauty to a beguiling waterfall, to haul us into whole-hearted, healthy excitement. And what fun it was ! The waterfall is a rise of spirits and a spooky experience. We spent lots of time there which refunded us with freshness and un-describable returns. Concluded with an Om Namah Shivaya chanting on a horizontal surface, to find one amidst this place was a breath-taking experience.

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  1. What a beautiful description of Mother Nature !

  2. what an experience it was..!!
    I hd evrything tht day i can desire….
    company of rajesh bhaiya
    natural jacuzzi
    serene green surroundings
    & a super-cool trek!!

    thnks bhaiya
    luv u>>

  3. nice photo ,,,,

  4. Wow!! it looks awesome…but mujhe chod ke trekking pe chale gaye…when u come to bangalore next time will surely plan for another exciting outing :))

  5. wher’s my pic????????? what an excellent metaphor “The rain brings to land what a guru’s presence…….”. suprb piece of litreture.

  6. speechless !!!!
    yet again 🙂
    eagerly waiting for u .

  7. dear bhaiya
    your elaboration is very catchy and beautiful,
    it is so explicit by reading this article, that you get so much woven into the natural beauty that, all these words together only manage to say that “there is so much to say, and I am unable to say all that”

    beauty likes beauty 🙂

  8. VEry vEry beautiful!

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