My Country @ 62

This is the time to focus on what India has achieved, acquired, innovated, shared in the past 62 years. Who is India? It is you and me. Instead of being part of the problem I decide to be part of the solution, the greatness my country has and radiates to every corner of the world.

Here are some and you can add more…

1) We taught the world that to dispel darkness you don’t need to fight but light, light a glow of Ahimsa, and this can be in the form of Vinobha Bhave and Mahatma Gandhi and millions more who stood the gaucheries of the British to liberate us and give us this much valued Freedom. I Bow down to each and every one of them in honor and silence. Thank you.

2) We solved the world’s problems of the millennium with our able and qualitative IT professionals. We introduced them to every minuscule mohalla in the world. Today behind their systems, smiles an Indian for providing them solutions.

3) Our music, Karnattic or Hindustani, the base of many forms of music plays in some form in every stereo and trumpets in every tympanic membrane.

4) Our fashion with the ancient embroidery and kurtis, the bold and beautiful saari cuts across all boundaries and walks the ramp to and fro, from Mumbai to Manhattan.

5) Our preventive cure for the world through Ayurveda surfaces in every Indian food in the form of turmeric, ginger and is a nebula in the science of medicine. Ayurveda is a boon to the bane world of medicine providing immunity and resilience to the human being.

6) Our gulab jamun’s and daal chawal are salivating in every eatery of the globe. They are healthy, nutritious and fulfilling, every household longs for daal chawal or is on a khichdi diet when one needs to cure the system of unwanted pizza’s and pastries.


The world has been gifted by India with His Holiness Sri Sri RaviShankar. A world waits for One who radiates peace and pierces everyone with arrows of love. The world now needs to stand up and acknowledge. Salute Him. How a good scenery adds value to the entire landscape, His presence adds the glory to mankind. His unconditional love to one and all shows, displays, teaches humans it-is-possible. His words produce silence, His silence speaks, His actions teach and His glance is like looking within. I salute this presence and feel ever so grateful to be born in this country which my Guru blesses.

Vande Mataram.


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  1. Bharat mata ki jai…

  2. We gave zero to the world, It was used in the 9th century of Hindus.
    Trignometary, Geometry was born in india and is been used by the world now.

    India is the hope for the world thats wat i feel. bcoz of our culture and how many receipies and natural medicines we hav.

    I still ask my mom for milk containing turmeri and ginger wenever i m not well and it always work better than other medicine…

    So ours is the culture which has been stayed for so long and i know it wud be forever.

    Jai Hind

    Jai Gurudev

  3. its really wonderfully written:
    a one page glimpse into the infinite culture of our great country………

    Lets strive hard and give our 100% to take this nation ahead and spread out in the world , what we are best at-peace n happiness……

    and one more thing..
    THANKS FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL COURSE and the evergreen mentioning of the neverending delight of rajhma-chawal… 🙂

    jai hind

  4. “Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake”. – Tagore.
    so today is independence day !!!!!
    That was yet another [Insert Special Tag] Day that I’ve blown. I know I kinda upset india and indians bloomed with patriotism with my insensitivity but the fact is that I’ve never found these [Special] Days so catchy or impressing in the first place.
    I’ve always felt that one doesn’t need a special day to express one’s love towards a particular person/thing. The concept of all these days has always been skewed. Should one express love towards his/her nation ONLY on independence day? Is the obvious inference, we don’t love our INDIA on all other days. Then what’s the use of branding one random day as “{ABC} day” and hyping it everywhere….
    “WE DON’T NEED ANY SPECIAL DAY TO EXPRESS LOVE!” and I hope that the message has reached the readers of this blog!
    i know u won’t be reading this message my mother india but still “HAPPY INDEPEDENCE DAY”!!

  5. such an inspiring blog….really enkindled a determination in my soul…happy independence day

  6. its really an excellent blog, i will even say my friends to read this blog


  7. I am very much proud to born in such a spiritual country with such great leaders who showed the path towards altruism to everyone of us.

  8. Vande matram!!!!!!!!

  9. TATA Nano 🙂

  10. A very partriotic mail !

  11. Jgd Bhaiya
    Wow bhaiya! Nice post! Jai Hind! But I think the first point that should be listed in the post is listed at the end. Guruji first, baki sab unke baad, right?

  12. jai hind
    its really gr8 to enlighten d achievements fostered in d 62 yrs by d country instead of critisizng the sys 4 prblms…

    it is india which stnds integrated on the diverse background of religion ,culture,lingos nd many more……showng d world d strength it holds in unity in diversity………..

    lets now endeavour to take country to hieghts and curb all its prbls wid a 100% effort…

    thnx bhiya 4 d course it was d most awesome nd learng experience of ma life.thnx a lot..

    jai hind jai bharat

    jai gurudev

  13. SO DO I….


  14. muaaah
    it ws such a beautiful blog
    n escepially dt smiling child proudly holding d flag
    gained few facts of which i ws unaware
    luvd listening it
    jai gurudev

  15. JGD, Mere Desh ki dharti Sona ugle, ugle heere moti!!!!!!!!!

    Just like Gurudev says we are all the heere and moti ( diamonds and pearls) of our dearest Bharatmata.Jai Hind!

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