Broccoli Tofu salad in Peanutty Dressing

The main cast includes :- 50 gms roasted peanuts, a capsule of ginger, 2 pods of garlic, 3-4 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp honey, 1 lemon, 1/4 cup water, freshly ground pepper, 200 gms broccolli, 1 big carrot and 200 gms tofu.

In a tablespoon of olive oil, toss in diced ginger and garlic, allow it to shiver in the oil, until golden brown. Drop the tofu cubes in the oil and give it a nice bath. Give it the time to turn golden brown, consistently tossing it all sides. When done, remove them separately. If there is leftover oil in the pan, add the slivered carrots and don’t allow them to lame. Let them be crispy and fresh, this takes about 3 minutes on medium flame or less. Then in the same pan add another tablespoon of oil and roll in florets of broccoli. Make sure they do not become mushy, and remain crunchy and alive. Do not cover the vessel, exhibit some patience, it takes about 7 minutes to be done. Just look at the burst of that verdant nature’s beauty, admire it, wait till you have tasted it.

The sauce/dressing is mainly peanuty and I love roasted peanuts, by now you would have known looking at the Kitchen tour in here. Grind the peanuts, add the water, add 1 tbsp honey, juice of one full lemon, salt to taste and freshly ground pepper adds panache to this dashing dressing.

Give a nice little bath to the veggies with this dressing and allow the tastes enter the interiors of the members, give it some bench time.

And word on the street is, it’s delicious cold the next day, eaten with a fork straight out of the fridge.

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  1. Wow! What a yummy recipe. Now I know what u had last night for supper.


  2. Jgd Bhaiya
    I am already eating a lot after I came back from the navratri celebrations!!!!! Will start the padmasadhna soon and I am sure nadi shodhan will check my eating habits………… Please post something other than recipies.

  3. I am a testimony…the salad was fresh, delicious and yummy…!

    Bhaiya, we celebrated Karwa Chauth yesterday.. with dal, choorma , sivayian ki kheer and lots of love.

    We miss you.. see you soon,
    Jai Guru Dev,

  4. there’s one state when one shouldn’t ever dare visit your blog…..

    jab bhook lagi ho..!!

  5. This looks delicious..will sure try it out some time…Have u tried adding white sesame seeds along with ginger? I think that will be cool too…

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