Guruji at Seoul – Part 1

The last three days rolled away languidly yet with lightning speed. Yes it is paradoxical. It all started on a somnolent winter day with the wait at the Seoul Airport which is cut away from the city, yet at 5.00 am there were thirty rifling eyes for a glance of divinity. People from China, India, Korea, Dubai, Singapore and Russia had assembled with one mission in their hearts and minds – Guruji. The cynosure of their lives. Their lives were transformed and their convivial smiles echoed the transformation within. We waited. Doing Nothing. Shaking hands with the same people again and again and introducing useless conversations for time to elapse. For a glance. For a chance. And then it happyned. From across the sloppily shaded glass shields we all could see the white robes approaching, slow yet steady, sprirts marveled, hearts thumped and life suddenly awakened.

The arrival of Guruji is like a change in seasons where there are so many transformations in the environment. The environment of the minds had already changed with just one glance of love, that one twinkle, that one hug, and that One presence. An observation which continued till the end of His trip was that Β people who do not know Him also unwind an unpretentious smile, feel the love He radiates, absorb the peace which He pierces through the facades of distressing disturbances in the world. It was real. It was all Happyning in Seoul. The wait is over πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow bhaiya…what a narration it is…reading only is telling us how much u waited for our lovely sweetheart guruji to come…its all the same situation wherever he goes πŸ™‚

    U r so lucky bhaiya that u got an opportunity to organize a event which was for our lovely sweetheart Guruji…

    Love u bhaiya…
    Wishing u a Very Happy Dhanteras πŸ™‚

    Yours always,
    Vishu :*

  2. …….so finally Guruji and BHaiyaji together!Am Happy!

    Lots and lots of love

  3. wowww…..main toh daily pray karta hun ki jaldi guruji se milo……..aur jaldi se aap bhi iska part-2 talk post kariye….

  4. shambhooooooooooo and what a perfect gift of Diwali πŸ™‚

  5. πŸ™‚ like you

  6. Seoul is enlightened by the presence of Guru-Shishya.

    Tomorrow is Laxmi Puja. Wish u a very Happy Diwali. Will be back only on the 26th now.


  7. Amazing!!!!!!!!! The way you described made us think of those real moments we once spent in waiting !!

    Happy Diwali Bhaiyah

  8. jai Guru dev!!

    Finally the dream !! come true ! GREAT, JUST SUPERB, really touched us the way tou have described our dear “GURUJI’S visit.

    today is bhai duj!!, so here sending you lots of good wishes and love.


  9. Lucky you bhaiya and were ol the ppl there..
    here we waited for him in ashram(16th,17th,18th,19th,20th) but his visits getting extended,wer left in his longing.
    Such a real appearing description u shared via post provoked the feeling, tears rolled down, completely drenched in longing ,getting desperate and crazy, somehow gathered patience, having faith and surrender in heat i felt tht chance would be created at rite time and tript karo me..
    jai guru deva!!

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