Guruji & Seoul


Waiting at the Airport

Waiting at the Airport


Waiting at the Hall :)

Waiting at the Hall 🙂


Guruji with Cecilia & Michael

Guruji with Cecilia & Michael

Guruji Speaks

Guruji Speaks

I speak :)

I speak 🙂

I Belong to U

I Belong to U

Yoga with me

Yoga with me

Turn & transform

Turn & transform

Take me Higher

Take me Higher

Guruji Thronged by Koreans

Guruji Thronged by Koreans



28 thoughts on “Guruji & Seoul

  1. ultimate pics bhaiya….guruji looks fab. nd u hav now again trnsformed urself to a handsome hunk with ur cool hair cut….jgd..!!!

  2. Hi Bhaiyya.. the way you write and the pics… just AWESOME !!
    Happy Diwali !!
    I am in Mumbai for the weekend, will go to your place to meet Uncle and Aunty. Please post what Guruji said.. and your plans (if anything concrete.. :P)

    Jai Gurudev!!!

  3. wating to read and c more….pls post more abt gurujis visit n ur expirnce wid him….n whr ru ??? wht r the plans of cmng back????pls do e-mail.evry 1 here anxious to knw abt u:)

  4. Jgd Bhaiya
    Wow! Great pics! In navratri, I met many youth from small districts of MP like Khandwa, Dewas, Ujjain, who are really eager to take the initiative of starting YES!+ in their respective districts.
    Indore Yes!+ team is waiting for you, come back soon bhaiya!

  5. Jai Gurudev bhiaya…

    Happy deepawali bhaiya…

    What a style bhaiya…the way u put the pics is just awesome bhaiya…it is the first time i saw u wearing shirt 🙂

    Our lovely sweetheart guruji…what to say yaar…he is THE BEST…

    Missing u bhaiya…
    Love you always…
    Vishu 🙂

  6. oh my god wht change shirt n trouser……..hall decoration is excillent of course guruji is there. please put some more pics of guruji.

  7. oh my god wht change shirt n trouser……..hall decoration is excillent of course guruji is there. please put some more pics of guruji.

    sorry i send it through ankur’s account

  8. U write amazingly well bhaiyya. It seems as if someone is writing a screenplay and the magic (scenes) are unfolding in front of one’s felt as if I was standing there waiting for him. One of the most intense photos of Guruji in recent times. It was also nice to see ur pic after a long tym, dt too taking a crs. Last bt not the least, from where u get those English words. U r indirectly helping me in my CAT exam. Bye. Jgd 🙂

  9. hi,

    How many days was guruji there, i am sure you would have got to spend time with him alone. Share that experience here no.. plz plz… 🙂

    only 30 people at airport …….i would have loved to be that 30

  10. Great work bhaiya. Keep going strong. But I must say that we are all missing you very much here. When are you coming back?

  11. Loved the captions you penned for all the snaps.. The smiley beside the “I spoke” and the way you told to …’Turn and Transform’. My Lord! I noticed each word in this write up was knowledge…Great Bhaiya…

    Jai guru Dev

  12. Jaigurudev Bhaiyaa!!

    Wow! Wat an amazing experience it must be. I wish I was a part of this course. You and Guruji together ……. A perfect combo indeed. Lovely pics Can’t wait to hear more from your end.

  13. wowwwwwww first of alll u look so amazing n cute in formals…..

    🙂 🙂 secondly,after seeing these pictures……. Mujhe phir se maan kar gaya apka course attend karneka….. 😛

    Love you
    Neha Maglani

  14. picture to achhe hai… but… tell something about what Guruji said, what HE did, some Guru Goodies plz???

    luv n JGD,

  15. jgd!

    We can visualise, hear, and feel our dear “GURUJIS” Presence thru your amazing pics and wonderful presentation.

    So this part of you toooooooooooooooooooooo, Formals suit you.
    GREAT GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HAPPY STAYING!!!!!!!!


  16. hey bhaiya we r waiting for huge herd around us.masti will b at acme…arrey samjhe nhin kya i mean to say when utsav will take place n guruji’s bare foot
    make the soil holly wid their shower of blessing
    n we also miss u alot.

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