Changing all the time !

I was just learning some words of Korean and was surprised how my mind would want to compare it with Hindi or English. It was so difficult for the mind to stand independent, alone, by itself. Learn without leaning on the crutches of the learnt. Later when I thought about it, it was so similar to the way we look at life. Our deep-rooted impressions have formed a penchant to events or an aversion towards them. An impression is a feeling. And a feeling needs to be thrown in the garbage where it belongs, to experience the newness, to experience life as it is. The misery is because we have already decided the flow chart of life, the patterns of how it should be, or how it should not be! Life is in the present, as it stands, today. Right now. Changing, all the time.

PS:- The picture I selected since it has the buds which depict the future and a flower which has faded away which is the past, but it is amazingly beautiful with the petals of the present.

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  1. Wow 🙂

    You are so right. Super post 🙂
    Keep writing!

    One thing that I wanted to see on this blog is nice & long posts 🙂 I know you like to keep it short and crisp, but I also know that with your writing talent you can make long posts also crisp.

    So please make it a point to write one big post (your experience with Him, how you got into Art of Living etc) and do it soon 🙂 Very very soon.

    Lots of love 🙂

  2. Jgd Bhaiya
    Wow! One of the superb posts!

  3. Life has indeed so much to offer to us, but we often are able to take only what we anticipate in front of us.
    Wonderful thoughts Bhaiya 🙂

    Jai Guru Dev

  4. love you!!!!!

  5. wow…!!!…coz of our flow chart…we nvr use 2 njoy d life…..but now no flow charts……happiness and sorrows nthng stays longer….so ki farak painda hai…hum toh punjabi hai…humme toh bahana bhi nhi chaiye…hum toh humesha khush rehte hai…hehe!!!

  6. Bhaiya ! It ought to have first post of your site….chalo koi nahi der se aya ….zabarzast aya…Thank you for sharing such a beautiful knowledge 🙂 JGD 🙂

  7. Amazing bro.!!! Such a beautiful thot it is..
    thanks for it..
    Love ya and miss ya toooo….

  8. bhaiya i really liked this post of urs………….u hav a mynd blowing obsevation………..this pic is lovely……….n it makes it more beautiful coz this is on of my fav flowers,,,,,,,

    keep wrytng
    mre n mre

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