Orchestrating an afternoon meal

The beautiful couple of Meerut, Anurag and Monica organized the first Campus Yes+ here and hosted me at their cosy cottage. The stay became mesmerizing with a Guru Pooja attended by the Meerut teachers and the enigmatic ensemble of food which was produed by Sujatha ji.

Her careful composition of hand grown veggies made a new constitution in the symphony of salivitating food. The performers had taken center stage and the music produced by each one of them sizzled my senses. The Mexican tacos (the outer layers of which were composed and directed at home), the potato salad stringed with the mayonnaise, the fresh veggie salad which delivered tangi-ness to the tongue harmonized with softness, the masala idli, the beetroot uttapam clicking the right tones and octaves, and finally the strawberry tarts (the outer covering completely done at home) orchestrating the final notes.

What an afternoon, I overate after overeating  🙂

10 thoughts on “Orchestrating an afternoon meal

  1. The way you describe food.. is just so Awesome. I am feeling so hungry after reading this.. I m going to have my Palak Parathas with Curd here.. Jai Gurudev!!

  2. Wow 🙂

    what an amazing way to describe things 🙂 You surely have a talent of writing 🙂 Loved it.. and also loving your regular posts. Keep it going…

  3. Dear Bhaiya, the way you describe food it must be really gr8. when u visit varanasi we have to work really hard this time on our Specialities, Yummy ones. Let us know when r u coming to varanasi.

  4. So nice to know that u over ate…… I hope u have put on oodles of weight…. BTW when r u coming to Mumbai to eat Gobi ki sabzi…..


  5. jai guru dev..!!

    bhaiya i attended the yes+ course in MIET, meerut…
    u didnt mention your experience with us…!!

  6. jgd bhaiya,
    the way you describe food is really wow, always when I read your food posts i feel hungry……pls bhaiya keep on writing such mouth watering posts.

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