Chinee Come

The halt at Hongkong airport proved refreshing as this simple yet suave airport amidst mountains which gave a new dimension to my idea about designs. What you immediately notice when you land here are the thinny immigration officers and doctors with some laser beams to check your temperature, but my eyes scanned the colors that were interspersed all over. The bright purples with blues and muroons gives it a positively ancient look.

What also needed more than a glance were the simple yet stylish designs of the handles, trolleys, chairs, taps, all chinee style. Am sure a lot has gone into innovating these designs, as they were so simple that i wondered why had someone not thought about these before. Well it was simple joy of usage and creation that has been delivered, an outcome of innovation, refinement and experience.

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  1. Jai Ho!!!!

    How is everything???

    how is the food and all?

  2. Wow bhaiya! Fantastic…. N so much true…. many things are at times discovered so late…. sometimes the suspense kept by the divine is so much thrilling….

  3. hallo bhaiya
    howz tour going on
    bye with love . vaibhav

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