A Sole-full Afternoon

I purposefully took a day off here and travelled with Vinay, the pilot for the local South Pacific Airlines to breathtakingly beautiful Natadola Beach, Fiji’s main island on Viti Levu. The picturesque physical landscape extravagantly displaying the beauty of a bride, arose passions of peace and pride in Mother Nature. The garlands made from the oceans, the ornamental jewelry created by the reflection of the sun against the palm-fringed white sands and the earthly perfumes of the blowing breeze, wound a web of magnificent magic that would get one on his knees to take notice, and the flying episodes narrated by Vinay in his distinctive, non-complex style added all the glamour for a vivacious vacation.

The Intercontinental Fiji Golf resort and spa is located at this extravagant locale and boasts of Fijian ambiance and food. It had to be a day of insightful indulgence and irrational relaxation. After diligently admiring the place it was the mahurat for gaining access to the food that they talk about. Fiji is not an expensive place and I find everything pretty inexpensive here. The menu card was a very simple one what we find in a local pav-bhaji outlets in India. But everything stopped till there when the comparison with those outlets are concerned.

The perspicacious waiters would give us all the details about what they could offer on our plate when it came to vegetarian food. Vinay suggested the tropical fruit punch and I was thankful I took it. The local herb here is coriander, and the garlic bread showcased splendid strewing of it. With keen interest I eyed the display of the roasted pumpkin pita wraps, and every bite into those crisply coverings asked for more of them. The al-dente rustic fettucini was well-done and it had taken the soft tomato sauces deep to its heart. The veggies were just rightly done and the dish was very very pretty. It was beautiful. The superfluous gourmet garnish of extra parmesan cheese in the fettucini made an afternoon stunning and the stomach solely-full.

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  1. pics are so tempting, no doubt you experienced “ATMA TRIPTI” after having it.

  2. Bhaiyaaaa….It is beautiful…What a place!!!

  3. hmmm soo yummyy…and place is so gr8.. Enjoy Bhaiyaa !!!


  4. Jgd dada
    Hmmm…. Yummy food, beautiful scenes…..Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam…..

  5. totally delightful 🙂

  6. hmm…nw I understand Y u were asking me to read ths post…no doubt very tempting..see mouth is already watering.. 😛 😉
    come here..wl get u many more veg delicacies.. 😛 😉

  7. JGD Bhaiya,
    Your posts are perfect amalgam of imagination and words , ,, made up of beautiful lines like “earthly perfumes of the blowing breeze” …wow… , tempting pics of food and also the first pic showing garland made by ocean and resort.
    Really Beautiful..
    I wish if i can write and think like you. [:)]

  8. Those photos are of food that you actually ate ????? Loooks aa LLOOOTT !

  9. Wo hain zara khafa khafa to nayan yu churaye hain ki hoooooo hooo

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