Zapped by Zipping

The long weekend in Fiji due to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday meant that we got into doing what we had been waiting for, adventure. Many connoisseur think-tanks pitched in their views, finally we locked the zipping option. Zipping is an adventure sport in which there are cables connected between trees about 30 meters above the ground and one hangs themselves to these and zips through the breathtakingly beautiful rain forest of Fiji through the aerial runway. The¬†canopy is fully inside the jungle at Wainadoi just minutes from Pacific Harbour in the beautiful and mystical Namosi mountains.

Twelve of us on a beautiful Monday morning decided to indulge into it. Some of them had done it earlier and were narrating horrifying stories to scare us. None wanted to show they were scared and everyone behaved like Dharmendra from some evil movie ready to take on the world.

The construction of the zips is what appealed to me at first, not a single ruthless nail being inserted into these ancient huge trees which grow as tall as they can, the taller the mightier is the tacit rule of the rainforest. The eight zip lines were sturdy and an art in their own respect, horizontally measuring a kilometer flying through the fresh pure air, the rivers below, endemic birds, coloruful flowers and unique insects. One can notice all this only if one drops the fear and has an eye to ogle at them along the flyway.Who would bell the cat, who would go first? Without doubt it had to be an eight year old boy, Shamik. For him, the whole thing was as easy as pie, effortlessly effortless and frenzied fun.

I gauged, concentrated, evaluated and when nothing got into me, I surrendered. From platform to platform, we flew across zip lines, “yee-oooohing”, screaming, praying, laughing and the rush of the adrenaline pumping through the veins zipping through sometimes at 60 km/hr. After two rounds I had totally settled and was more interested in the geography of the forest than the mathematics of the zip. Surely do it once.

I wanted to get into the river below which was calling out to me for a long time. Pure cold water, gushing through, always attracts me, and I was the first one to immerse myself and all followed. We went following its path and it had many secret pathways which we discovered. The union with the water continued for more than an hour and then we withdrew due to lack of time. Gorgeous gujrati food was waiting on the banks of the river, all ready to be eaten. I had still not had the most of the river so I found the spot where we could dive into, and with some dives, full satisfaction dawned.

I got smitten with the forest landscape, piously pure yet wondrously wild. Waiting for more.

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  1. I AM A 9 YEAR OLD BOY NOT 8 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x-(

  2. Precarious enjoyment!

    Jai Gurudeva…….

  3. you look so handsome in the photos touch wood. keep it up and remain the same for ever i was very happy to see you enjoying in the waterfall. keep on giving daily schedule for our consumption. take care also while swimming.

  4. Jai Guru Dev Bhaiya,
    The waterfall was really very inviting,wish we could be there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Very Sight of pure and gushing water is soooo exhilarating and exciting.One can also spend as much time watching the flowing water go past you —-just like ones own life——–full of fun,enthusiasm,ups and downs——-It also sends u into deep meditation .Try it sometime if u have already not done so in Rishikesh.Take Care . Regards Poonam Aunty

  5. Hey bhaiya,

    Awesome pics……u having gud time:)……let us know when are you coming…….you obviously know how much we miss u

  6. Jgd Bhaiya ! Whats up? When r u planning to come back?Bahut din ho gaye ab laut aao.

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