Agreeing to disagreements

Disagreements Pop up in every environment, office, home, shopkeepers and also with auto rickshaw-wallas. They produce a venom like emotion which binds the mind for a long time and creates a veil of ignorance of dislike for the person.

Disagreements in love are actually beneficial, sometimes. Since it brings out your priorities, whether you stand for the stand that you took or the person you love. When love wins, its victory for both.

Disagreements at office and other places brings out the incisive skill in you to convince colleagues about your ideas and also precipitates clarity in your thoughts. The more skilful you are the easier to handle the degree of disagreements and vice versa.

Finally, do you agree that your ideas few years back don’t match with your ideas today? You actually disagree with yourself now!! As Guruji says, “The ‘someone’ you have a disagreement with -is just a photocopy of your old or the new self.”
More the sincere ideas, merrier the planet, since life evolves with it. Do you agree or at least agree to disagree ?

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