Shake off the Stress! How?

Happiness is a state we all are born with. In every child we see it and it resonates hard into us by being with children. When we were all born with it, where did it diminish? Or was it meant only for childhood ?

When you take a long drive with your window panes open, some dust particles stick to the body, and you know that a shower can wash away all that, and that gives you the power to indulge in more long drives.

On the mind scale, we start identifying with the dust since we don’t know the techniques to shake off the stress from the system. A meditation, Sudarshan KRIYA does that magic for you. It isolates stress and keeps your identification in You. You gain the power to be with people, spice it up here and there and yet de-stress.

When the stress dissolves, happiness, energy, clarity in mind and a pure heart are nothing but You, yourself. And when you are fully stressed, happiness looks far away in either the dreamy future or the distant past. And then we take the support of crutches, as in people, past events to find that eluding happiness, not knowing how to unwrap the gift.

The Guru makes you independent, gives you freedom from these disabilities and since He is so wise, He turns the charm inside, just where you failed to look, ever.

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