A walk, down the memory lane!


This is an old picture which I saw today being circulated in some groups. Penning down the experience of the walk with Guruji in Radha Kunj at Ashram. It was few years back though it seems like yesterday.

Guruji’s steps were steady yet soft and I was trying to catch up. There were scores of people on the way, everyone was greeted in a unique way and thankfully there was no rush, no chaos and He had His space to transit.

Midway abruptly ,He stopped to strangely inspect one sandalwood tree. And the tree had become a sudden attention grabber of hundreds now. This VIT(Very Important tree) stood amongst the hundreds of clusters of sandalwood trees that the ashram hosts. The tree had gained instant stardom as Gurudev stared at it. After a long glance He said the tree had been cut high above in one of its thick branches.

A discussion ensued on how one tree had an axe cut and at that elevation. There were many strange answers but my mind unplugged from the discussion, it was still caught up in what had just happened. A buzzing crowd of devotees, Guruji walking rapidly and greeting, blessing each one In a unique way, listening to an array of deep life problems , and yet He had time for the branch of a tree. But how did He come to know this agony of the tree?

I was Reminded of an incident in the old Meditation Hall when Guruji had lovingly watered a plant in the middle of an electrifying satsang , narrating later that it’s cry for water was fulfilled. And when someone has once asked Him ‘Why do you ignore me?’, rapt answer that Guruji gave ‘I cannot ignore a blade of grass , you are a human being’

Nobody in pain, need and help is ignored , all voices are heard and surely attended to. The diagnostics of grace are a mystery ,help arrives in the form of people, knowledge , miracles, the time of the operation completes when one is baked and equipped from inside, ready to take the challenges of the complex world.

The answers got clearer ….the walk remains memorable, and the star tree still has a sliced branch but stands tall, beautiful and happy.

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