Meditation 2.0

The LA Art of Living is a bunch of super active group of people doing great service to humanity. The crowning glory of the LA chapter is Art of Living center with its architectural signature for the stylist city. The semicircular arch shaped dome is a breakaway architecture monument from its local designs and can be sighted from far and wide.

The event they had organised with Guruji in May was named Meditation 2.0. It sure was an upgrade with regards to their organising skills, the orchestra of the bhajans and the enthusiasm of the volunteers. The event was a sold out and there was so much demand that Guruji agreed to do 4 events and all remained houseful.

Guru Ji was at His best in the event, the knowledge, the humor, the life changing answers and the deep meditations. I got to attend all the events and it was a treat for the soul. It was the first event on Friday when this incident happened which I wanted to share with all of you.

The elegant and beautiful Poonam opened the event in her mellifluous voice and lead us into the video of Gurudev. The grand hall was choc a bloc, and the satsang had reached a pitch with a crowd of 900 people immersed in it and curiously waiting for Gurudev to enter. With Uncle John on his guitar, singing Narayan and full participation from the audience, Gurudev just arrived. I have had a chance to be on stage a couple of times and have always seen with his entry what also barges in are, the sparkling smiles, the tears of joy and the fulfilment of hearts.

Guruji spoke on the 3 components of life. Time had stopped with this deep knowledge.
The latecomers were still arriving, with no place to sit, standing yet glued to the knowledge that was being showered. With so many people standing, Guruji took a brief break and asked everyone to create some space next to them or move forward so all could be accommodated. While all this movement was happening, he brought the best knowledge from the incident.

He said, “This is what life is all about: keep shifting your position. Don’t be stuck somewhere. Make room and space for others. It is all about creating space. Create space for events, people and things to happen as they unfold because every event and every person you come across in your life, is contributing to your life in some unimaginable way.”

The difference was largely visible in the crowd, everyone was seated in no time. The upgrades had happened in actions, intentions and the being. We are version 2.0 now.


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