The subtle energy – Shiva!

The first Monday of Shravan Month, the crops are harvested and the rains are good and India used to immerse herself in the devotion of the unknown with the Shravan poojas.
Gurudev talks about this subtle energy which manifests everywhere and ways to log onto it .

This entire universe is made up of the five elements , the Pancha Mahabhootas : Prithvi , Agni, Jala, Vayu and Akasha. Shiva represents the manifestation of the Pancha Mahabhootas. Shiva is present in each and every bit of this universe. It is said even a blade of grass doesn’t move to the wind without the permission of Shiva.

The entire world invokes the energy of Shiva in many forms. People do Pooja and Abhishekam. Some people sing and dance in his name. While some people meditate!

Shiva is an experience. An eternal truth. One who is not affected by three Gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.


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