An endeavour to bind communities together

The DSN project at Banda took up the responsibility of creating a prosperous, peaceful Banda town with the help of all communities. The project undertaken was that Imams and Mahants will plant trees together. Working for similar goals unites people.

The turnout was more than we expected. Representations of both communities, the Mahants, Pandit Ji , Imams and Kazi joined us for a unique tree plantation drive. 50 trees of varieties ranging from neem, pipal were planted, a symbol of peace for future generations too.

And then last week the Durga Immersion and Moharram had fallen on the same day and the cooperation here at Banda in UP will wet even a non believers eyes. When the Durga procession passed through the Moharram Celebration, the loud speakers were reduced and similar genuine gesture was done by the Muslim community, recognising each other’s unique way of prayer and both processions proceeded. Of course there were the alcoholic elements who wanted some violence to take advantage but thanks to the ever vigilant and active DM, Suresh Kumar who had identified them before. Both processions had a great peaceful finish.

Gurujis precious knowledge and the seva projects can bind anyone together in the world. Both communities acting together for a similar noble cause. As Gurudev says “Religion can keep the wall, keep people divided but spirituality always Unites. ” Banda is a living example of this now .

India is a great example of harmonious living and caring.




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