Non-Veg Joke

A preacher visiting his flock in the country happens to see a pig walking around on 3 legs. The preacher stopped by and asked the farmer.

My son, what’s with your pig with only 3 legs? Well, preacher says the farmer, this pig is very special to my family and me, well just 2 months ago, I’m working underneath my tractor, the jack fell and the tractor was crushing me.

I yelled and my pig rushed to my rescue, dug me out and pulled me away from the tractor.Well that’s very commendable says the preacher..but..That’s not all preacher, last week my house caught fire and my pig pulled my 2 young daughters to safety. It even received a hero gold ribbon, from the village mayor.I understand says the preacher, but that still doesn’t explain the missing leg!

Well, like I said preacher, this pig is very special to my family and well, we just cannot bring ourselves to eat it all at once :)