The essence of Guru Poornima

One matchstick can light a room which has been in darkness for decades. The veil of ignorance in which the mind is imprisoned and now totally enjoying in this pattern of being in the impurity, gets highly awakened with one glance of a Guru. This awakening is called devotion and the master is the light. The mind which was separate now is serene, the world from being different now looks divine, and life uplifts from a state of affliction to amazement.

The knowledge has been very ancient. But there was always a gap between listening to the knowledge and living the knowledge. The Guru bridges this gap. The spontaneous integration of knowledge happens in ones life when a human being becomes a devotee.
Opportunities arise to overlap knowledge into everyday activity. When you clinch these opportunities, knowledge starts becoming part of your nature. Implementing knowledge becomes part of your inseparable self. And when you don’t recognize all these chances, you blame, relent, complain and cry.

The Guru Poornima is a day to introspect how much you received and be be utterly grateful on this full moon day. In spite of the mountains, valleys, craters the presence of the moon cools the atmosphere and provides the much needed rest in the form of sleep. Life may have problems but the Guru equips you with the tools to live it effectively and never allows you to fall. Once He had said, “You may have an illusion of falling but you won’t fall.”

Just like in a garden filled with fragrant flowers the aroma catches on you, the Guru Poornima showers the attributes of the guru on oneself.

Be there, Not to be missed for anything under the moon.


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