Meditation 2.0 – Beyond Mindfulness

Meditation 2.0 – Beyond Mindfulness

When I came to America, little did I know that I would get involved in organizing another event for Gurudev. The year before last, I was involved in getting together Explore Happiness with Gurudev in Tampa. One of my favorite tasks in AOL out of the buffet of projects is to organize events or courses in which Gurudev presides over. When the confusion of ‘is He coming, Is He not’ ended I was overwhelmed with gratitude to get the opportunity.

Every event organizing is different from the other, Miami was one of the most unique ones. While traveling here in America most people advice me that ‘it is not India, it’s America’ but Miami the advice was “it’s not America, it’s Miami”. The team was tiny and the task was humongous, considering we didn’t have any lead time with hall bookings, printing or website design.

The regular morning Chanting and the evening Guru pooja started and all the plans started to manifest. It’s difficult or impossible to comprehend the power of chants and I personally have faith in them and their supremacy in achieving the impossible. The team was intelligent yet inclusive, small yet significant, diverse yet determined. Personally, I respect disagreements as it gives me a different perspective on the event, sometimes I create them to know how people think. Think, disagree and agree and the project won’t go wrong, as it has been tested from many minds, the pessimist, the optimist and the realist. From few, we grew to all of Florida and the force that now we became made the Hyatt Regency look small. Seats for 1100 people were all taken a week before the D-day, and the event was sold out.

Meditation 2.0, beyond Mindfulness – Gurudev’s simple yet profound knowledge filled the atmosphere. Divinity comes in the simplest state, the simplest form of awareness. Community leaders from South American countries filled the space and they wanted answers for their countries. Countries are ridden with corruption, poverty, violence and stress. Gurudev answered each one, answers filled with knowledge, empowerment injected the power of responsibility and hope. Wisdom is that which takes you closer to yourself and to the state of happiness. This isn’t my first time that I saw this, but each time it reinforces that how Gurudev’s words infuse celebration in everyone. It happened again in Miami. I saw it.I want to thank each and everyone who made this possible. If you missed it in Miami, I personally invite you to LA to attend it, Meditation 2.0 is a vaccination against stress with no expiry date.

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