World Culture Festival – a Confluence of Cultures


DAY 1 :

The spiritual world is rather a mystery. Just before the clock hit 5 pm hailstorms poured at the World Culture Festival venue by the banks of the sacred Yamuna. Everyone was drenched but thoughts of exit didn’t cross any minds. The people turned exuberant enjoying the rains and as someone at the venue put it, it’s a festival with the spectacle of rains and thunderstorms.
Gurudev arrived completely drenched in that rain but wearing a bigger, naughtier smile. As soon as He climbed the stage the rains disappeared giving rise to the most spectacular rainbow setting on the magnanimous stage.
Nothing could lower the spirits of hundreds and thousands of people who came to attend this event. Performances ranged from Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam, Brazilian, Argentinian and others. There were also few physically challenged performances in the Indian dances and everyone performed so brilliantly giving a boost to the standing crowds across the banks.
One can only wonder how this enthusiasm rages when Gurudev is around, if only the secret could be revealed. It remains a mystery.

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DAY 2:

The memorable moments of the day. Thousands of saints on one stage from every religion, communities and in short representing every human on the planet. During the magical symphony all lights were switched off and the prayers switched on for peace and happiness for the entire planet. So if you are not here, the prayers have reached you too.

Flags of India Pakistan flying together happily, saints from Lebonan and Syria, Israelis and Palestinians, everyone with one intention to create a world which their children will be proud of, I believe it will happen and that too very soon. 




DAY 3:

The World Culture Festival truly signified what India stands for, unity, diversity, harmony, friendship and of course dealing with conflicts.

The recognition of divinity gets easily identified during conflicts, amidst problems, amidst difficult times. The WCF had its share of commas but it showed the supremacy of love, skill, peace over hardships, divides and problems. The way you respond to them shows the strength of your peace.

Being on the ground and leading from the front in the WCF, what charmed me most is the way Gurudev dealt with the magnanimously massive event, 1.8 million people who visited us, change in schedules, hailstorms, many many more, Etc etc. Innumerable issues big, bigger, biggest and every single was attended with rational solutions. His perseverance, pragmatic ease and responsibility towards humanity, nature should be made a user manual for mankind to deal with life. 

Many run away from problems but he hugs solutions, never scared of difficulties. HE knows His mission is difficult, but His path to achieve that is filled with win-win answers and acceptance. He embraces change as it comes, romances the present moment and breathes for unity.

The world before has always looked to India for this, helping them drop differences, seeing beyond the ‘I’, melting boundaries, finding the purpose to life, and seeing a happy coexistence. The WCF represented this oneness, humanness showing we are from diverse cultures but yet we belong to this One planet, truly a Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam, once only a dream, made a reality by Gurudev in just 35 years.

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An endeavour to bind communities together

The DSN project at Banda took up the responsibility of creating a prosperous, peaceful Banda town with the help of all communities. The project undertaken was that Imams and Mahants will plant trees together. Working for similar goals unites people.

The turnout was more than we expected. Representations of both communities, the Mahants, Pandit Ji , Imams and Kazi joined us for a unique tree plantation drive. 50 trees of varieties ranging from neem, pipal were planted, a symbol of peace for future generations too.

And then last week the Durga Immersion and Moharram had fallen on the same day and the cooperation here at Banda in UP will wet even a non believers eyes. When the Durga procession passed through the Moharram Celebration, the loud speakers were reduced and similar genuine gesture was done by the Muslim community, recognising each other’s unique way of prayer and both processions proceeded. Of course there were the alcoholic elements who wanted some violence to take advantage but thanks to the ever vigilant and active DM, Suresh Kumar who had identified them before. Both processions had a great peaceful finish.

Gurujis precious knowledge and the seva projects can bind anyone together in the world. Both communities acting together for a similar noble cause. As Gurudev says “Religion can keep the wall, keep people divided but spirituality always Unites. ” Banda is a living example of this now .

India is a great example of harmonious living and caring.




From the eyes of the Master

See the world from the eyes of the Master all the time. In every situation that you face, you will think, “If this situation comes in front of the Master, how would he handle it?” or “How would she handle it?” “If this complication comes in front of the Master, how would he take it?” “If someone blames the Master like this, how would he handle it?”

The world looks much more beautiful; not a nasty place. But a place filled with love, filled with joy, cooperation, compassion, and all virtues. The world is much more fun.

You will look at the world without any fear. You will be in all relationships with everybody without any fear. Because there is shelter.