Guruji’s answer to protect the mind.

Just returned from the ashram after an awesome TTC and a superb question answer sessions with Guruji. The questions were unique but the answers were universal. The questions were many but the answers were slowly winnowing out the truth, producing that much required oneness with the mind. I felt at home with myself again.

At one instance in the TTC sessions when Guruji entered, the electricity gave way and someone shouted from behind “The real Power is here” 🙂 He took opportunity of this situation and spoke to the crowd of more than 500 people without any mic demonstrating what may come in future for them, and there would be no excuses for not serving humanity. Every problem is an opportunity to be more skillful and happy here.

Those of you who have still not registered for the Winter break – don’t miss it. Be there and be with the Guru, it is the only way to find your way home.

Q) How do I protect my mind?

(Before reading below remember that Pravritti means “this is not okay”, finding faults. While Nivritti means everything is perfect.)

Guruji) That is a big job. In the Geeta it is said, even the most brilliant people are confused about what to do and what not to, and how to handle the mind. Protecting the mind is a very great task but to do it we need knowledge. Up to this moment, see all that has happened so far. It’s all gone! Finished. Wake up. When you are full of energy, prana, you suddenly see it’s all gone. Now! All that happened is ok. Think about what to do now. Sometimes 100 percent of what you do will be successful, sometimes not. A farmer knows that not every seed that he sows will sprout. He takes the seeds and throws them in the field, and does not worry that this seed will sprout, this won’t. From now on, it’s a new chapter. Every day is a new chapter. Bring up this awareness again and again. The whole world is filled with my atma (soul) – it’s all Me. It’s one Consciousness. This one consciousness works through one person in one way, through another person in another way. It is one ocean with many waves. If this vision comes to you even for just five seconds then there will be such a major transformation in your body and mind. Then a realization will spring in you ‘Aho!’ All worries are washed off. Just for a second, recognize that it’s only Me in my enemy. I myself have started the Game. Understand this, but don’t turn it into a mood making. Have this understanding only in the nivriti, not in the pravritti mode. If we bring advaita (non-duality) in vyavahar (behavior), we only create more delusion. In pravritti, see duality. Taking up of the human form is impossible without pravritti. How much pravritti and nivriti one should have is a very sensitive matter. When there is more pravritti, then one becomes too negative and one is asked to be in nivriti. In India, dand (punishment) is called shiksha(education). The word saja(punishment) comes from shiksha (education). Earlier, they would not punish someone out of anger but out of compassion. When there would be too much pravritti in someone, they would put him in a room (jail) providing food, sleep and rest. Like a doctor puts people in hospital when the body is sick, when our kritya (action) is sick, the karta (doer) is put in jail. When you have both pravritti and nivriti, you are successful.

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  1. Super-like 🙂

    [[ It is one ocean with many waves. If this vision comes to you even for just five seconds then there will be such a major transformation in your body and mind ]]

    It washed out my many conflicts . 🙂

  2. Superb
    Bhaiya, more frequent posts!

  3. Awesomeness Bhaiya..:)

  4. very very bful post!!

  5. Once when someone had asked Guruji “How to get back our mind into the present moment?”, Guruji had said “Think of me”…..I think it is the easiest and the most effortless technique…..Love you Guruji for being there with me always…..at least on Rajesh bhaiya’s blog, I can THANK YOU when you don’t say “THANK YOU” back to me again………………

  6. From now on, it’s a new chapter. Every day is a new chapter!!!

    this brings freedom and I am experiencing it…

    Every moment is new… New people,New place, New task, and many more new things…

    Jai Gurudev


  7. wooohhh…. heavy stuff

  8. Osum bhaiya___ Guru Ji always Rock__ 🙂
    Luv U 😉

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