Meditation and Prayer

Guruji was asked whats the difference between Meditation and Prayer ?
He replied, Prayer is asking God for something, Meditation is Listening to God. Before Prayer, meditate. After Prayer, also meditate. Prayer should be sandwiched between Meditation.

10 thoughts on “Meditation and Prayer

  1. Wow…Once when a devotee had asked “Guruji, if you are God then why do you perform pooja?” Guruji had answered “Pooja is a play of the divine with self…”

  2. Simply awesome post..guruji has wonderfully explained the meaning and similarity between prayer and meditation

  3. Guruji truly rocks. Such a tricky question answered so tactfully. Its so easy for the common man to understand such complex questions. 🙂 JGD

  4. one can easily understand & would love to learn and implicate from such clarifying and very-satisfying answers of Guruji!!

  5. One can easily understand n learn n would love to apply from such clarifying n very-satisfying answers from guruji!

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