Hello world, again!

The blog had been sleeping in websphere for a long time, until it got hacked and that woke me up. A swat team was assembled to bring back years of writing and beautiful comments . I was informed that the years of blogging data may be lost and this ignited the value of the blog in my mind.

The ‘Knowledge Faxes’ used to arrive from Guruji every Wednesday evening for 7 long years and they were read in the satsangs. There used to be an interesting informal section of gossip called ‘Newsflash’ tagged with them . Gossip was the part I used to wait for, it informed us where Guruji is and what all laughter and joy His entourage dived into. One day, It said, “How much have we valued the knowledge that has been sent? How much have we valued it? How much attention have we put on it? Wherever we put our attention on that will increase.”

The worth of most things in life rockets when we start losing it. This is where the Guru sets in, making us value everything that we have, now.

The attention on the blog is back. Will keep it interesting with posts, recipes, travel experiences and gossip 🙂

Just to tell you the blog is awake and needs your regular nudging, talking and of course gossiping!

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  1. Amazing to see you back. Welcome..!!

  2. Great to see you back. Welcome..!! 🙂

  3. Hello Bhaiyaa.. pls do keep writing. Loved your previous posts. Waiting eagerly for new ones. 🙂

  4. Thanks to that hacker ????????????

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