Nothing but One

Nothing but One

Penned this poem during the week long silence program in Ashram. Do share it if you like it.

Nothing but One

Millions of different flowers but only one soil,
Different clouds passing by in One vast sky,
The differences too many when the mind is in turmoil,
All become one when the answer comes to Who am I !!

Emotions, feelings are just travellers,
If dispassion is the Owner, the mind is away from all growels,
The passion to find the source is only worthwhile,
The grace of the master only takes you an extra mile

Doubts, insecurity are just a tiny thorn of a fragrant Rose ,
They evaporate when you come back to the source ,
The colors may be many but the light is Only One,
The sky is clear when one sees only the Shining Sun.


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  1. JGD Rajesh bhya my question is my introtalk hasbeen power full but registration not satisfied plz give me any guidance

  2. Loved it bahiya..

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