Nehru-Gandhi Family Tree

In India, the paternal family holds more importance and precedence but hardly anyone knows about the “Gandhi” paternal existence. Obama and Bobby Jindal had to reassure the American voter that they are converted christians in a country which boasts of freedom to personal denomination. Why do we not know about the faith of the “Gandhi’s” ?

Who are these people to rule us for 50 years and yet in their own constituency the illiteracy percentage has gone up to 73% ? Why have they not shown any progress in their own regions? The reason is simple, the more the people know the lesser possibilities of they duping people.

UttarPradesh is devoid of electricity for almost 12 hours in temperatures of 40 C. UP has produced the maximum PrimeMinisters, yet why has it not seen any progress. Slavery is the word. These are the people who know that India resides in the villages and to keep their power they have to keep literacy and development away.

Today it is time to ask direct, obvious questions even if they are snide and supercilious to the politicians. I understand that no change can happen by being outside the system, but the people inside the system need to be accountable to someone, and that someone is You – the janata of the country. So guys ask – do you want another 5 years of slavery, terrorism, castesism and low self esteem. Root it out – Vote for Change .