A poem for the Corporate World

A friend of mine Chirag Gupta penned this after being in the corporate world for just a month, pretty intelligent to understand it so early. I loved it, so sharing it was imperative with all of you πŸ™‚


I used to wonder a lot what is there to life

Wether we are living on an edge of some rusty knife

So I packed up all my bags and stepped out on a sunny day

It seemed as id something strange was missing everywhere

I walked and kept on walking miles and miles

By now I knew my eyes were seraching for some smiles

Everyone I came across seemed too busy

Sad victims of some silent misery

And there I knew that may be I am not alone

All everyone is trying for is just to be known

I reckon may be it is too hard to survive

And even harder is to know “the meaning of life”….


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  1. Even though the turmoils inside are rife
    and the desire to break free seems mission of life

    Yet worry not for the meaning is simple
    Its just 42 and a smile with a dimple

  2. Totally True ……..took me sometime to REALIZE* that …….. but now its Back to Square One ………. time to make up for the lost time

  3. Very true!! We all have to struggle to be something in life:)

  4. nice one !! jgd !!

  5. Vaao ! he seems to be really intelligent fellow…
    This shud be forwarded to all the corporates..

  6. Another comment on life:

    Life was like a puzzle,waiting to be solved;
    the more I tried to solve it,the more it stayed unsolved;
    tired out I fell asleep and woke up when birds chirped;
    and saw them on the branches, where they were perched;
    the branches swayed in the breeze,and leaves danced to glory;
    and flaming red flowers were there to just complete the story;
    I felt I found my longlost friends and felt a part of them,and left the puzzle as it was and danced along with them.

  7. Its so true, people seem so busy, yet have no idea where they are going.
    And I have realised that if even that cant shake your smile, its truly Art of Living.

  8. Message for Chirag…

    This is good realization so congratulation but now
    1. don’t waste more time in misery better Do art of living course
    2. if you have done art of living course and still don’t understand meaning of life go and again to adv course course.
    3. if still you don’t understand the meaning of life repeat step 2 still you understand.

    All best wishes so that you don’t have to write such poem again.

    With lots of love

  9. I have done the course and i do understand a bit what everything is about πŸ™‚ . Though i wont stop writing such stuff as it is more important for the people who have not done the course to think upon these lines and then join art of living like me and become blessed. Also Thanks a lot to Rajesh Bhaiya who posted this on his blessed blog and thanks to all who has to bear the torture of reading it :P.

    Jai Gurudev

  10. A good poem indeed by chirag. Javed Akhtar has tough competition here.

  11. all credit goes to the supreme :).. Jai Gurudev


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