Dakshineshwar Temple

Never before entering this place had I thought that the kali Maa could be bewitchingly beautiful and would create an instant aura of faith and surrender. After Guruji departed Kolkatta, I wanted to fill the void with this temple visit where Sri RamKrishna Paramhans had broken all the traditions of bhakti from the intellect to igniting it in the heart. He was a non-conformist who constructed sensitivity in love, unfathomable faith, senseless simplicity and the great Vivekanada.

The story goes that Ramakrishna through His bhakti swam through the ocean of karmas, but something still had not completely blossomed in His Being. And the reason was that He didn’t have a Guru. When the aroma of fullness was spreading the Guru came to Him and one touch of His Guru, enlightened Him. The knowledge was given under a Kalpvruksh which stands tall being the epitome of that silence. He continued as a priest in the temple utterly immersed in the love of the Devi.

The Devi quietly asserts Her presence in this place and the incense of bhakti pleasantly tantalizes the temple.

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  1. Who was Ram Krishna Paramhans’s Guru???? Swami Vivekananda was his disciple.

    Very beautiful temple.

  2. Jgd bhaiya
    In my childhood, I was damn inspired by Swami Vivekananda and his Guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa…in fact I have read a lot about them… i am so lucky to have taken birth in India the land of enlightened masters………..

  3. 541 on Face book…..

  4. It was a privilege witnessing all these experience with bhaiya..luv you..

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